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Author: Flamboyant Schemer61

Last revision: 22 Jun at 08:48 UTC

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This is a mod that makes OVN Lost Factions mods’ units stats balanced with SFO. (Upkeeps, multiplayer costs and recruitment cost are also balanced.)

Balancing is very hard for a mod like that. So please feel free to share your ideas especially about this mod at the suggestion thread. Your thoughts matter a lot.

The mod will not work without the necessary mods listed so please be careful about that.


I am using this mod for my personal entertainment so this mod will be updated as long as SFO and OVN Lost Factions mods are updated.


I have done my best with this mod but, any balance ideas-tips are welcomed.

It doesn’t change or add anything, just makes OVN Lost Factions units stats more balanced for SFO. So any mod compatibile with them are compatibile with this mod.


Please make sure that you have tested the mod only with the necessary mods before announcing a bug. Other than that, I will try as hard as I can to fix the problems.

Please give a thumbs up if you like!


I have a patreon account now everyone! I am doing my mods for free, but a little help would be appreciated. Even $1 is worth a lot for me. I’m waiting for your support :

Special thanks to:

-SFO team, for the permission and

-Shaky_rivers and Shawmuscle for permission

And all of the people who gave me their support by feedbacks and kind words, it is the only reward I want and I am happy to have such good subscribers.


Required items:

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SFO: Grimhammer IISteam Workshop