OvN Lost Factions – Beta

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Authors: shaky_rivers, shawmuscle

Last revision: 22 Jul at 18:57 UTC (2)

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Here is a beta version of my mod "Lost Factions" that transforms uninteresting minor factions into new and interesting varieties which includes new races. Playable with an Unlocker **IMPORTANT** None of which are updated or working for these factions**.


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Chaos Warp Keepers

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Other New Factions
  • Blood Dragons
  • Laurelorn
  • Citadel of Dusk
  • Grudgebringers
  • Realm of the Silver Moon
  • Albion
  • Treeblood

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Should be compatible with most mods but let me know if you run into any problems. I’ve played a few campaigns with it and I had no issues and was running another 100 mods with it. Works with Crynsos Faction Unlocker (Though don’t click the Araby tech tree or it will CTD this is because it doesn’t have one).

Click Here for SFO compatibility mod.

Isn’t compatible with the mod that gives the horde mechanic for Alberic at the moment. Users have reported issues with Mixu’s mods, Expanded Kislev and Decline Diplomacy.

Won’t work with mods that change the flags or names of the minor factions used, maybe you can change the load priority of the mods.

This mod has custom VFX created for the Legendary Lords but you will not be able to enjoy these by default. If you want to see them, open the mod in RFPM and click "Packfile", "Change Packfile type" then select "Movie" and press save. As a movie file that means it won’t appear in the launcher and the mod will now auto-load so be aware of this. Also if you do this and use Kaedrin Mod Manager and unsubscribe you may need to manually delete the copy their mod manager makes in your Data folder.

Special Thanks To

Special Thanks to these modders who have made original content for this mod, I really appreciate it.

  • Crisord – Ridiculous amount of new textures and reworkings of my textures. (Grudgebringer units too)
  • Shaw Muscle – Full Custom LL Sultan Jaffar (They’re working on another evil LL)
  • Deco – Lots of units, textures, help (Working on Amazons as well)
  • Mad Marx – Mootland flag/banner

Thanks To

These modders have generously shared their amazing work and/or mods for use with this mod.

  • Agemouk – Amazon units (To be added in a future update)
  • Ondrik’s – Ballista & Quivers
  • Elon – Trolls for the Trollking
  • Flamboyant Schemer61 – SFO Compatibility Mod
  • sorrowmir – Arabyan Robe
  • Werebear from Russia – Grudgebringer Units
  • Poljanan – Amazon Units
  • Hamen – Work from Human Armies of Khemri
  • Willemsen – Assets for Long Rifle, Buckler Shield, Horn & Axe
  • Wong Wai Kit – Assets for Kathleen Soup Tank
  • Zombie Flanders – Assets for Kathleen Soup Tank
  • Sebidee – Invaluable unit modding template/guide
  • O6opmot – Grudgebringer Units
  • Lessisgood – Albion Sword Maiden Unit
  • Everyone on the C&C Modding Discord
  • Frodo – For their wonderful tool RFPM
  • Guan Yu – For some great screenshots

If you want to contribute anything, anything at all (Units, Art, Script Stuff) or give feedback and report bugs please let me know in the comments below.

Subscribe to the stand-alone mod – OvN Second Start. I’ve designed for these two mods to be used together and compliment each other but it is optional.

I’ve remade another old mod of mine – OvN Phoenix Crown and recommend checking it out.

C&C Discord

If you want to chat, have questions or share ideas about my mods, Warhammer, Total War, Modding or see the latest updates pop onto my channel #ovn on the C&C discord C&C – OvN Discord Link[discord.gg] (A lot easier than Steam comments).


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