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Author: Enzojz

Last revision: 31 Jul, 2019 at 22:51 UTC (1)

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This is my last gift for you.
As a modder I seldom get time to really play with the game, this mod, together with the free tracks option in the recent update is the feedback from myself after playing a while the game, after I think to stop develope mods for the game.
Use this mod like the similar one in the Ultimate Station mod. Place two markers of the same grouo then use the "Preview" button to visualize the plan, and "Build" button to build.
In preview mode you can adjust wall and other options to see the difference, which may be insteresting.
You can use free tracks option to build all modifiable tracks.

This planner will be able to generate cuvers between two directed points, the result depends where and how you place the markers. The track between the two markers can be a straight, a single curvature or an S curvature tracks.
Possiblely to has transitional straight tracks between two curvartures and markers, if you define a radius in any name of the marker beginning with #.
For example:
Name a marker as #120 with limit all curvatures to a max radius of 120m.

This planner is useful when you can to connect two tracks together, with an elegant circular curve and straight line (instead of bézier-like curves in the game), or want to put some constraints on the tracks that you build.
However, the slope of generated tracks will always be a constant slope since there no way to read the slope of existing tracks, so you need to carefully deal with the slope transition with tracks you build with it.

* Livetext is mandatory to run this mod

1.2 Fixed altitude calculate error in some cases
1.1 Fixed erroneous curves when two markers form a sharpe angle or an U-turn.

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