World of Warcraft Universalis

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Authors: Aetherum, Doga

Last revision: 29 Mar at 15:05 UTC (11)

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————————— World of Warcraft Universalis Mod for Europa Universalis 4 —————————

WWU is updated to 1.29 version of the game.


World of Warcraft Universalis is an ambitious project that attempts to recreate the Warcraft universe as we know it so far. We aim to integrate the world of Warcraft seamlessly into the gameplay systems of Europa Universalis 4, creating an unique playing experience.



1) More than 3000 provinces to explore.
2) Hundreds of Playable Countries.
3) Familiar Characters, Religions and Cultures.
4) New Events and Decisions.
5) Variety of New Mechanics.

Follow World of Warcraft Universalis:

DISCORD + Trouble Shooting Instructions[]




If you find a bug – write about it – I’ll try to fix the problem in the shortest possible time.



– World of Warcraft Universalis is an Update of Vawser’s Warcraft 1.22, created and published with his permission.

– All the credit for Lore of World of Warcraft Universalis goes to:
Blizzard Entertainment[]

– All the pictures, flags, parts of interface used in this mod are taken or from original owner with his/her permission, or from Google Images. If any picture, flag, part of interface violates your copyrights – please, contact me and I will replace them.

If you like this mod, you can support its Maintenance via:

– Patreon:

WWU is the product of the collaboration of many talented modders and artists. It would be improper if we didn’t take the time to thanks everyone who made this project possible:

Aetherum for Leading the Development of WWU.
Doga for Development of WWU.
Noanamus for Beta Testing.
qweytr for some Parts of the Code.
LimonenZitrone for some parts of the Code.
LordVarangian for some parts of the Code.
Baron Diddles for National Ideas.
Worlds Smuggest Detective for Ruler Personalities and some parts of the Code.
Dub for Updating Buildings’ System.

Vawser for Creating Warcraft 1.22

Former Vawser’s Warcraft 1.22 Team:
– Jaymez – for original Project Co-Ordination and Design.
– Xylozi – for Project Co-Ordinator and Design.
– falcon9 – for Mod Design.
– walesness – for Map Design.
– Taurenhe – for Map Design.
– KaplanHorus – for Flags Design.
– DarkReborn – for Graphical Design.
– Xanaa – for Mod Design.
– gumboLewt – for Mod Design.
– Blanchard33 – for Mod Design.
– Moridin997 – for Mod Design.
– nastasalways – for Mod Design.
– Menekoum – for French Localisation.
– Frox xer – for Mod Design.
– Samorend – for German Localization.
– SolidAvatar21 – for Mod Design.
– Crazymadmouse – for National Ideas.
– Infernal Petrarch – for National Ideas.
– Krogan – for National Ideas.
– Robert of Raven Hill – for National Ideas.
– Ace – for National Ideas.

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I hope that you will like the result of my labors, that you will spend your time well and will discover this magnificent game from the new side!

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