Militia Overhaul Plus

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Authors: Deadput, MrShadowCX

Last revision: 7 Jul at 06:46 UTC

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Mod Information:

Well this mod continues a sort of trend for militia overhauls, DerBK’s A better Militia improved upon what was in vanilla, Alpha115’s Militia Overhaul improved upon that mod, and now this mod here improves upon what was in that mod.

Frankly to say this mod is not compatible with either of DerBK’s or Alpha’s militia mods

So here’s the run down:

Resistance Mec’s:

Let’s start with the obvious yes there are LW2 Resistance Mec’s the blue shirts of robots, they are the only new unit for right now but they are the reason I wanted to make this mod, in the original Long War 2 these guys were playable units on Haven missions which you could gain by capturing Mec’s on the battlefield and they were also managed by LW2’s Resistance manager.

In this mod they are just like any other WOTC Militia unit, their friendly AI units who will take shots at enemies after an enemy turn, their stats are balanced in between a Tier 1 Mec and a Tier 2 Heavy Mec, so one could argue that they might be strong at the early game but the trade off is that these Mec’s will never get any stronger then they already are.

They use the regular tier 1 Advent Mec gun so any mods you use that effect that weapon will effect the Resistance Mec’s damage output as well. (So that’s 4-6 damage, which is all they will be able to do the entire campaign.)

They also use their own shoulder launchers which are their own weapons so if one wanted to you could edit their damage output in the ini’s, by default they do 4 damage.

They do scamper like enemies though upon them activating when an enemy comes upon them

As a bonus these you have a chance to get these Mec’s with the Volunteer Army Resistance card/continent bonus, as well as the Double Agent one if you enable the option in the GameData ini as it’s disabled by default.

Enough about them how about the rest of the Resistance?

Resistance Militia standard units:

Well for now we have the same 4 units from Alpha’s mod
M1: They use Flashbangs and their own versions of the TLP Ballistic Assault rifle
M2: They use Frags and their own versions of the TLP Ballistic LMG
M3: They use Frags and their own versions of the TLP Laser Assault rifle
M4: They use Alien Grenades and their own versions of the TLP Laser LMG

Differences between them in this mod and the other is some slight AI fixes/adjustments to make them better at doing what was intended from them. (This doesn’t mean their stronger or anything.)

One change between the mods is that now there is even more cosmetic variation then before.

M1 and M2’s get a fourth look now derived from the Preorder Resistance DLC.

M3’s now visually use TLP Sharpshooter, TLP Specialist/Psi op and the Old Xcom armor from the Preorder dlc.

M4’s now visually use TLP Heavy, TLP Ranger and the Old Xcom armor from the Preorder dlc.

If you want to be able to use the mod without Resistance Warrior stuff just look at the last screenshot with the highlighted bits, this also disables the stuff for the TLP armor, but if you wanted to use that stuff anyways then erase only the stuff that says Resistance warrior.


Mec’s function fine, however since their set up like Resistance Militia they technically have names but their blank, thus if one died it will say " was killed", not a big deal overall however.

Not a bug either but they do prefer to use their guns over their grenades/shoulder launchers most of the time but they do use their utility items at times, only when enemies are bunched up though, in addition to this the Resistance Mec’s won’t care if there is a Civilian in the blast radius of the shoulder launcher attack, this however should not happen to often because the Mec’s are intended to only use the weapon if it can hit multiple enemies.

Due to the nature of the spawns, these 5 variants of Militia will not always show up together, you can get Haven missions without Mec’s, LMG’s or Lasers, it’s all RNG.

If any issues and bugs arise, let me know via the comments below and I’ll attempt to address them as best as I can.


I’d like to give big shout outs to MrShadow who has been a major help in this mod, he was the one who found the AI issues and was able to give the fixes the mod needed, basically I just tested the mod and set up the Mec’s and made minor adjustments here and there where needed.

Also would like to thank Alpha115 for giving permissions to use his mod as a base for the mod as a whole and for in general being a pretty cool dude, as well as DerBK for starting the trend of Militia improvement mods.

Link to the original Overhaul:

Finally I would like to give credit to Pavonis studio for Long War 2 and how much of an influence they have been for the Xcom 2 Modding community, specifically I would like to thank James Karlson who made the model for the LW2 Resistance Mec’s, an absolutely amazing skin that is simply breathtaking and inspiring.


I simply wanted to get the mod out but this doesn’t mean it’s the end, there are plans for additional new units such as:

Lesser Faction soldiers: These guys would be minor versions of the Faction soldiers Xcom gets, their not that strong such as the Skirmisher Troopers not having Ripjacks and just Advent rifles, Reaper scouts would be low in health and damage but have long range capabilities, Templar disciples would just have some basic Psi blade skills.

Additional weapon types for the Militia such as shotgun or Crossbow variants could exist.

Taking a page from the rogue Xcom raider Faction there is a small chance of late game Resistance Mec Troopers and Shivs.

These aren’t full on committed promises or anything, but ideas to continue spicing up the mod.