CP Halo Marines

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Author: SevTheHunter321

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This character pool pack includes 503 soldiers. 483 are generic Marines, each with their own name*, but the same generic bio. The 20 other characters (one VIP/Dark VIP) are unique** soldiers from the Halo Universe including those from: Halo 1-3 and The Mona Lisa.

*Big thanks to Random Nickname Button mod by thade for making the creation of individual names for generic soldiers easier.

**(Only applies if using my other CP: CP Halo O.D.S.T.) Through testing, it should be noted that the game chooses randomly when two or more characters in the pool share the same name. If this is an isolated case or if you prefer one over the other, I’d recommend deleteing one of them to ensure you get the one you want. (Avery Johnson and Marcus Stacker are the only two that should be affected)

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