Extract Corpses

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Authors: Maluco Marinero, robojumper

Last revision: 21 Jun, 2017 at 10:03 UTC

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Very compatible version of corpse carrying that patches animations into the archetype rather than overwriting. Part of Guerrilla War

Because we use archetype ‘patching’ when the game loads, you can add lines to the configuration for any enemies you want to be able to ‘carry’ off the map. This mod works best with ‘Reinforcement Mission’, so you actually have a reason to extract corpses by hand.

The mod also features a Fulton Harness, an item which lets you extract corpses directly from the battlefield without carrying. No animations are attached but it makes a huge strategic difference.

Configuration is done via XComExtractCorpses.ini:

; configure the cost and ammo charges within the Fulton Harness


; enemy character templates and groups from other mods can be added here,
; so you can carry them too

; configure the visualisation of Fulton’s effective radius on civvies and friendlies, enemies always show