A Rogues Gallery – Lore Friendly Pool

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Author: WoodMan

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A lore friendly character pool containing 100 unique soldiers each with their own detailed backgrounds.

The character backgrounds vary from a single paragraph to about five or six in length. They are written from the point of view of C.O. Bradford, Dr. Shen, and Dr. Tygan. I wanted to use a relaxed, enjoyable approach to the stories, so they are written less formally and more as those characters actually speak to you in the game. Sometimes more than one of them will have something to say, so at the end of the biography I wrote the words END FILE. If you don’t see those words it means there is more to come, so continue to let it scroll.

The Stats:

-Personnel Categories-

XCOM Veterans: 5
XCOM Operatives: 40
Resistance Fighters: 15 (three from each of five resistance groups I fabricated)
Mercenaries: 10
XCOM Collaborators: 5
Identified Gifted: 5
Reaper: 5
Skirmisher: 5
Templar: 5
Total: 100

-Class Count-

Grenadier: 15
Ranger: 15
Shapshooter: 15
Specialist: 15
Random: 15
Psi Operative: 5
Reaper: 5
Skirmisher: 5
Templar: 5

-Gender Count-

Male: 65
Female: 30

The Requirements:

WOTC and all XCOM2 DLC.

Recommended Mods:

I highly recommend that you subscribe to the entire collection of mods found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298956409

This will enable the characters to look as intended and also enable the characters to level up into their designated class. Some of the character backgrounds refer to a specific role and some also refer to physical features, deformities, equipment, enhancements etc.

Note: The alien archaeologist character uses a ‘Codex Arm’ which causes a hang for 5 to 10 secs the first time it is loaded. If this annoys you just change it to a normal hand.

Installation and Uninstallation:

To install just subscribe. If you wish to, subscribe to the recommended mods in the collection too.
Then in-game you will need to go to the character pool and choose import. Select the "A Rogues Gallery" pool and import them all.

If you wish to use only these characters and nothing else in your pool: backup your current pool by selecting them all and exporting them to a new character pool. Then delete them, you can import them back in as and when you please.

To uninstall unsubscribe from the mod and go to documents/My Games/XCOM2 War of the Chosen/XcomGame/CharacterPool/Importable and delete "A Rogues Gallery.bin"

Final Words:

Have fun, leave some feedback and rate if you enjoy! Any problems let me know.

And good luck out there, Commanders.