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Author: Raze

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After two years, I finally updated Corrupt Avatar to WOTC. There were quite a lot of modifications that needed to be done to make it compatible with the DLC. While most of his abilities remain the same, some were removed and modified.

Again, Corrupt Avatar is meant to serve as a role between Sectopods and Gatekeepers. It’s an Anti-Life unit. Unlike the first version, you DO NOT need to skulljack the Codex for it to start showing. Corrupt Avatars will appear around Force Level 17 – 18.

For missions with Psionic Storm sitrep, Corrupt Avatars can appear earlier at Force Level 15!
Same goes for the custom sitrep: Elder’s Corruption!

If you install Elder’s Corruption, you might catch a glimpse of an extremely powerful Psionic being…

What remained the same?

The effects of Phantom Vest remains the same!
The stats of Corrupt Avatar and Corrupt Avatar’s Will remains the same!
It retains Avatar’s mental immunities and recovers 4 HP per turn.

Corrupt Portal: Nothing changed, it will summon a group of three Sectoids every 5 turns.
Corrupted Will: Nothing has changed. Will transform into a Zombie variant known as Corrupt Avatar’s Will upon death.

What has changed?

More Powerful Variant added – Adds a stronger variant of the Corrupt Avatar that can only be encountered in Elder’s Corruption sitrep.

Changed Corruption ~ Assertion to Domination: Now, Corrupt Avatar can permanently mind control one of your units and the only way to free your unit is to kill the enemy.

Removed Corruption ~ Abyss: Because Corrupt Avatar had too many abilities, it’s hard for it to fully utilize all of its abilities, so I had this skill removed and upgraded other skills to something more potent.

Modified Corruption Blast: Corrupt Blast now deals Environmental Damage! Corrupt Blast targets one of your allies and deals damage, disorientation and AOE Blast damage to surrounding enemies and allies. Destroys surrounding cover in the process. This attack will expose your unit to all flanking shots. Skill damage remains the same. (4 – 6)

Modified Soul Corruption: Soul Corruption now deals more damage. Up from 5 – 7 to 8 – 10. This attack will deal 2 rupture damage and stun your Unit for two turns.

Corrupt Avatar’s Will

Phantom Claw: Not much has changed, did a small modification to Phantom Claw, . From previous reports, it would seem that this skill would break the game at times, did a small modification for that. Hopefully it won’t happen again this time. Deals 7 – 9 damage. 20% to stun.

Corrupt Avatar’s AI will prioritize defense and focus on ‘gaining’ allies through summoning Sectoids and using Domination on its first turn.

How to deal with this enemy?

Again, Sparks are the most effective unit in dealing against Corrupt Avatar as it renders all of its abilities useless!
You can also rely on Holy Warrior for Feedback damage as Corrupt Avatar is a humanoid enemy.
It is also highly recommended to equip mindshields or Phantom Vest if you’re going to encounter this enemy.

Item Reward: Phantom Vest

Once Corrupt Avatar’s corpse has been researched, you’ll unlock a new item: Phantom Vest that gives you similar passive abilities to a Avatar, though weaker. It grants +2 HP, +3 HP Regeneration, 1 armor and MindShield Ability. Extremely useful when going up against Corrupt Avatar or Psionic enemies in general.

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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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