New graphical cultures

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Authors: VityViktor, Benseth

Last revision: 20 Nov, 2019 at 14:15 UTC (2)

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This mod adds some new graphical cultures, with their own and brand new mixed portrait sets.

Mod idea by Benseth & me.

-Alan (South Slavic faces + Cuman clothing)

-Armenian (Persian + Byzantine).

-Assamese (Tibetan + North Indian)

-Prussian/Lithuanian/Lettigallian (West Slavic + Finno-Ugric)

-Basque (Iberian + French)

-Bengali/Oriya (South Indian + North Indian)

-Assyrian (Arabian + East African)

-Coptic (Egyptian + East African)

-Georgian (South Slavic + Byzantine).

-Ashkenazi/Sephardite (Byzantine + East African & Republican)

-Khitan/Jurchen (Mongolian + Chinese)

-Kurdish (Persian + Arabian)

-Saka/Sogdian/Tocharian (Persian + Tibetan)

-Somali (East African + Early Arabian)

-Komi/Khanti/Nenets (Cuman + Finno-Ugric)

-Tangut (Tibetan + Chinese)

-Vlach/Arberian (Byzantine + South Slavic)