[WOTC]Destiny Hunter Helmets

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Author: Cavily

Last revision: 9 Dec, 2019 at 20:04 UTC (1)

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This mod adds several helmets from Destiny 2 to Xcom 2


26 Hunter helmets from Destiny 2.
All helmets are tintable and available for both genders

List of helmets included
  • Abhorrent Imperative Mask
  • Braytech Mask
  • Celestial Nighthawk
  • Dragonfly Regalia Mask
  • Emperors Agent Mask with alternative version
  • Equites Shade Mask
  • Foetracer
  • Graviton Forfeit with alternative version
  • Intrepid Discovery mask
  • Iron Truage Casque
  • Lost Pacific mask
  • Neoteric Kiyot mask
  • Opulent Hunter mask
  • Reveried Dawn mask
  • Scatterhorn mask
  • Swordflight 4.1 mask with alternative version
  • Tangled Web mask
  • The Great Hunt mask
  • Vanguard Dare mask
  • Wormhusk Crown with alternative version
  • Woven Firesmith Mask
  • Phenotypic Plasticity Mask
  • And Phenotypic Plasticity hunter armour, for male characters only


Q "Can you add X Hunter helmet?"
A Well yes…. but no.The models need to ripped first before I can port them, and as of now I’ve done all the available Hunter helmets

Q "Can you do X from Destiny next?"
A Ideally I’d like to port everything from Destiny to create the complete Guardian dress up simulator: Cloaks, armor sets or the helmets from the other classes, but that will take quite some time.


  • Bungie for developing Destiny 2
  • Sub the Jub for extracting the models and textures
  • ArjenW for creating the thumbnail, the helmet showcase image and fixing the tint mask for the Emperor’s Agent mask

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
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