Imprisonment Plus – Execution & Prisoners

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Author: Crovvv

Last revision: 2 Oct, 2019 at 19:42 UTC

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This is a simple mod that adds an imprisonment Category and tweaks a few things for various Prison mods to neatly package them together with proper research. (Requires all original mods)

List of Changes

(+) Added Imprisonment Category to build Menu for related Furniture
(+) New Research: Execution (Requires Imprisonment research) unlocks:
– – Prisoner Pole (Burning)
(*) Renamed Burning Prisoner Pole -> Prisoner Pole (Burning)
(*) Modified Research: Imprisonment (Tech Level 3) unlocks:
– – Crucifix
– – Prisoner Pole
– – Prisoner Cage

Required Mods

General Modifications
Burned Alive

Make sure to load this Below all required Mods
No Import needed