Remove Progress/Training Bar – Mod Patches

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Author: Crovvv

Last revision: 21 Oct, 2019 at 19:49 UTC

File size: 11.26 KB

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Tired of seeing those training Bars from infinitely far away? Simply want more immersion? I have the Perfect mod for you!

This is a simple patch to remove Training Bars from General Modications, Wooden Dexterity Dummy & Sparring Mats.
This is intended to be used with the original Remove Progress/Training Bar mod

If you use Sparring Mats & Wooden Dexterity Dummy you might also be Interested in this minor fix:
Sparring Mat + Dexterity Dummy – Category Fix

Required Mods

Remove Progress/Training Bar
General Modifications
Sparring Mats
Wooden Dexterity Dummy

Place this below required mods in load order
No Import needed