Security Plus – Guards & Patrols

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Author: Crovvv

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This is simply a compiled version with minor tweaks of Lord Lurk‘s Patrol Waypoints Plus and Winsenkiller’s Guardpost. All I did was compile them together neatly and added a dedicated category with proper research so they work well together. This wouldn’t be possible without their work. Thank them on their respective mod pages if you have the chance!


This will add Patrols and Guards for your base. After researching them, look for the Security Tab in your build menu.
Mod Includes:
Guardposts (torch or mat) which you can use for guarding. They will stand and protect.
Patrol Waypoints (torch or mat) which you can use for Patrols and or Training.
Security Category in your build menu with everything this adds (after researching).
New research: Guards Tech Level 3, In Defence Category
New research: Patrols (Requires Guards research) Tech Level 3, In Defence Category

How to use

1) Shift+Right-Click Use on Guardpost (mat or torch)
2) Your Guard will stay there and attack enemies on sight. (Unless higher priority job)

The Points are labled in a specific way, A>B for example, and this denotes what item the post needs and then produces.
1) – Build 2WAY-A TICKET from Patrol Ticket Crafting station
2) – Shift+Right-Click Use on Patrol (mat or torch) 2WAY A>B
3) – Shift+Right-Click Use on Patrol (mat or torch) 2WAY B>A
4) – Your Guard will Patrol (or train) around forever until told otherwise

NOTE: They will stop and go eat when they need to so no worries!


Mostly Compatible with everything except Patrol Waypoints Plus and Guardpost, kinda obvious why.

No import needed