This Tribe of Mine [4.06]

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Author: taimatCompany

Last revision: 7 Oct, 2019 at 22:12 UTC

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*** This mod is not automatically updated. Please check back once in a while to see if there is a new version ***

A complete overhaul to almost every item in inventory and crafting systems aimed at primitive technologies and old remedies. You will need to relearn how you approach survival both in short and long term. Many resources are now renewable.

Some cool new features!
– Different types of books
– Home Loot has been rebalanced
– New trader dialogs (still testing)
– Guns
– Shipments, radios, and writing letters
– Foraging maps
– Chemically realistic gunpowder crafting (or at least as close as I felt was necessary)
– Assembling and disassembling weapons at the desk

Introduced Endless War mechanic, more survivors, greenhouses, easier early start meals, and the concept of advanced survival knowledge being a product of books. Also added ink and writing.

This mod was designed to be used friendly and has added no actual new objects. I have recycled already existing objects in order to reduce bugs and better preserve existing links between objects and unseen connections.

Compatibility with other mods is not known and possibly unadvised. (With exception for anything to do with characters, those are probably fine).

Version History

Version 4.06
– Updated furnace description
– Removed contact from battery recipe
– Fixed garden

Version 4.05
– Hopefully fixed disturbing weeping on demand at that chair…?
– Fixed letter requirements
– Made wild plant foraging last a little longer
– Swapped furnace and kitchen requirements
– Hopefully fixed chair for good (should now be craftable at desk)

Version 4.04
– Fixed persistant bug where pistols kept showing up in workshop recipes

Version 4.03
– Removed extra gun part recipes from desk
– Rebalanced home base loot
– Fixed missing ingredient in Kitchen recipe
– Removed compost recipe from desk
– fixed pistols as ingredients everywhere
– removed assault rifle recipe from desk
– renamed weapons category to "munitions"
– fixed duplicate group name problem
– fixed other group issues
– fixed several other major bugs

Version 4.02
* Added History Books
* Added Science Books
* Added Fantasy Books
– Fixed greenhouse description
– Fixed blank ingredient on assault rifle
– Removed military vest recipe from desk
– Fixed ingot’s missing ingredient
– Furnace no longer includes kitchen recipes
– Swapped furnace and kitchen models
– Plant reciep for garden now only outputs 1 plant per planting
– Garden and greenhouse recipes have been separated
– Kitchen and furnace recipes have been separated
– Science Lab and Radio Station recipes have been separated
– Gunshop has now been merged into the workbench
– Fixed missing ingredient in sulfur recipe
– Saltpeter and Lumber shipments are now random times
– Battery recipe has been moved to Science Lab
– Fixed Science Lab interaction icon
– Added map shipment to radio station
– Fixed wrong icon for toolkit
– Fixed missing ingredients for parts
– Removed distillery (recipes are now at kitchen)
– Guns have been consolidated to a semi-automatic pistol and a single shot sniper rifle.

Version 4.01
* Migrated ammo
* Migrated shell casings
* Migrated gunpowder
* Added sulfur
* Added saltpeter
* Added contacts
* Added letters
* Added shipments
* Added foraging maps
– fixed blank ingredient on pistol recipe
– fixed blank ingredient for sniper recipe
– fixed shotgun parts description
– removed knife sorting
– adjusted loot generation in home base
– lowered tool requirements for foraging gear
– sawBlade is now also used as sheet metal
– adjusted basic trader supply and demand
– Removed soil recipe from desk
– Changed name of basket to "foraging gear"
– fixed science lab name
– fixed missing ingredient in furnace

Version 4.00
* Migrated guns
* Added gun maintenance concept (needs testing)
* Added radio station
– All workshop recipes moved to desk
– All primitive recipes moved to basket
– Basket recipe updated

Version 3.05
? Discovered logical failure where workshops other than the BasicWorkshop cannot be used to build more workshops.

– Modified trader dialog…
– Reduced value of clean water
– Trader has a higher chance of carrying coins
– Reduced value of fruit
– Trader should now carry fabric
– Increased Junk value
– Moved roots recipe from garden to greenhouse

Version 3.04 (Released)
* Migrated Tobacco
* Migrated Cigarettes
– Fixed Crowbar description
– Changed juice category to food
– Adjusted basic trader goods
– Fixed oil and swill mixups

Version 3.03
– changed battery icon
– changed writing desk icon
– adjusted crowbar description
– adjusted junk description
– changed "luxuries" to "treasure"
– moved battery to tradingItem ID
– books should now show up in crafting recipes
– changed "strapping" to "cordage"
– removed jewlery

Version 3.02
* Added books
* Added writing desk
* Added jumprope
* Migrated electronics
* Added paint
* Added category: Luxuries
* Added greenhouse
* Added Science Lab
* Added simple food recipes for early game
* Tools can now be found in junk at the desk
* Added homemade batteries
* Migrated heatlamps
– Attempted to remove junk from trade via null value
– Workshops are now separated from furniture
– Attempted to remove snowCollector by changing deploy mode to "inventory".
– Added jerky recipe to basket
– Specific plants can now only be grown in greenhouse
– Normal greenhouse now only works in summer
– Several workshops now require books
– Desk recipe no longer includes strapping
– Increased settler capacity to 10
– Fixed fresh water recipe
– Fixed joint icon
– Furnace is now its own location and not an upgrade
– Extended war for 9999 days
– Removed winter’s end for all scenarios

Version 3.01 (Released)
* Added flour
* Added bread
* Added granola
* Migrated Shovel
* Migrated Radio
– Fixed coin icon
– Fixed typo in basket description
– Sound adjustments
– Blocked hole no longer costs oil
– Butchering for bits is now slightly faster
– Parts can now be found by sorting through junk
– Replaced swill with clean water as needed in recipes
– Updated smithing recipes

Version 3.00 (Released)
* Added metal ingot
* Added metal coins
* Migrated joint
– Changed soap icon
– Metal tools and objects must now be forged at the furnace using metal
– Altered basic trader offers to include large numbers of coins and seed
– Added tree recipe to metalWorkshop
– Bow now only costs 10 strapping
– Added seeds to gardening recipes and salads
– Added specific plants to gardens
– replaced bits with parts wherever fasteners were required