0.399f Playable Chinese Emperor ENG

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Author: WxW

Last revision: 31 Dec, 2019 at 08:42 UTC (1)

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0.399d changes :
Changes to make sure Landless AI Chinese Emperors will work as they are in Vanilla games.
Landless AI Chinese Emperors will give all their oversea landed titles and vassals to the West Governor.
New Chinese IG "Palace Guard".
Human Chinese Emperor will not receive Soldiers from Mars in both defensive wars and offensive wars.
Decisions to vassalize Imperial Guards are now merged.
Chinese Emperor’s diplomatic range was fixed.
Can send all courtiers to China as concubine if the character has required trait.
New Chinese Settlement decision to convert the tribal land.
New decisions to absorb west region into Chinese Empire.
China will only launch title invasion when they has Expansion Policy, and only launch title invasion when emperor wants to conquer the outside world.
Governor’s offmap tributary will be transfered to the Emperor automatically.
Fixed many bugs.

A modifaction to Offmap Chinese Empire. Make Chinese emperor playable, and all the Vanilla Chinese Empire functions and interfaces are all functional as intended.

This is an English version.

Thanks for your supports , all these feedbacks will help me making this mod better.
Unfortunately in my region the comment function was disabled by Value , I can see your feedbacks but I can’t reply to them………

Chinese Version is here :

Special Thanks to 内海1453 on 52pcgame, his great art works make this mod more immersive.

Main Fetures:
1.Chinese Emperor is now playable2.All vanilla Chinese Events are work.3.New Empire grace interactions :Chinese Emperor can replace West Governor.
Western Region Protectorate can be set to kingdom rank.Can vassalize Chinese mercenaries.
Chinese will have two empire title, one for the Bureaucracy system, one for the national identity.
Chinese Emperor now has new action button, replaces dynasty button.

4.New China status: Interregnum ages.
Enabled by offmap invasion events.
When the invasions are successful, Chinese empire will enter Interregnum ages, a time when Northern Invaders Occupied North China, and the Chinese Empire retreat to south China to keep resistance.The successful chance of Offmap invasions are now adjusted to vanilla level.But Song dynasty will be weaker to offmap Jurchen and mongol Invasions, and when the invasion succeed, the invader will conquer Chinese Empire. Song dynasty is 5 times more likely to be conquered by Jurchen and mongol invaders.

5.New status system changing the status according to what is happening on Chinese Mainland.This will be enabled when Chinese Mainland is set to be in map and not landless.( When using with mods include Chinese mainland into map)When attacked by Mongol Empire , status changes to Mongol invasion.When attacked by jurchen Empire , status changes to Jurchen invasion.When over 100 mainland province have over 2% revolt risk ,status changes to unrest.When over 100 mainland province have disease .status changes to plague.When having revolts in your country , status changes to Civil War.

6.New game option added:
Added an option to be capable with map mod with Chinese mainland.Added a testing Totem Protector system.
Start as Chinese Emperor1). Historical Start , Chinese Emperor is not available from character choosing screen only West Region Protector is landed. But you can always get the emperor title through invasion or claim Chinese Empire.

2). Start as Chinese Emperor. When the game begins your character will change to Chinese Emperor, and the character you choose will be your vassal.3). Custom Chinese Emperor. The Character you choose will be the Chinese Emperor.

7.New Empire actions:Suppress revolts, end Unrest and Civil war if win the triggered war.Defend Empire, end Mongol and Jurchen invasion if win the triggered war.Other actions to fix bad status.8.Changes to Han culture and taoist:New cultural buildings.New retinue types.New governments.New ambition.Taoist is now reformable.
City Models for Chinese culture.
Han culture characters can launch invasions targeting all tribal or nomadic characters.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon

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