Walmart Franko 4 (Final Cut Update)

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Author: ☣ROBLOX, NwiKing☣

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(Final Cut Update)
(Final Cut Update)
(Final Cut Update)
(Final Cut Update)

1. He Always Sells All Items That can be scavenged
* It Means If you can afford Item you weren’t able to find or gain, you can buy anytime!

2. All Item Quantity Is Pinned 1000
* Now You won’t feel close, Unlike when you can’t buy enough

3. Low Difficulty
* You don’t need 8 diamonds to buy karel’s note LUL

4. Story Mode (Father’s Promise, Broadcast, Fading Embers!!!)
* Even at that franko sells all items!!!


StaleFood – Fertilizer
HomeGrownTobacco – Homegrown Tobacco
MedIngredients – Med Ingredients
Knife – Knife
Pistol – Pistol
Shotgun – Shotgun
Machinegun – Assault Rifle
SniperRifle – Scoped Rifle
Helmet – Helmet
Vest – Military Vest
SawBlade – Saw Blade
Crowbar – Crowbar
Shovel – Shovel
Hatchet – Hatchet
Machinegun_broken – Broken Assault Rifle
Guitar_broken – Broken Guitar
Pistol_broken – Broken Pistol
Shotgun_broken – Broken Shotgun
Helmet_broken – Damaged Helmet
ConductPass – Conduct Pass
Vest_broken – Damaged Vest
ElectricParts – Electric Parts
Gunpowder – Gunpowder
PistolShells – Shell Casings
Snow – Snow
HeatLamp – Heat Lamp
Termostat – Thermo Regulator
Mixer – Mixer
TradingItem – Jewelry
BrokenToy – Broken Toy
Hooch – MoonShin