Human Duchess Class Mod Rework

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Authors: Iris Heart, S-Purple, Miraclebutt, A Slightly Startled Seal

Last revision: 23 Feb at 12:26 UTC (4)

File size: 47.36 MB

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Disclaimer: This mod is sanctioned and supported by it’s original creators, enormous thanks to them for that.

WARNING: If you are using original Duchess class mod, reading the compatibility section at the end is a must!

===== Summary =====

I always wanted to play a Duchess that is not restricted to 3 non-beast skills, and is able to choose which skills to bring on the quest. And the art on original Duchess class mod suggested sprite for such skills existed, but weren’t utilized. So I took a chance and contacted the creators, and was granted permission to create this.

What this mod does:
1. Changes Duchess from a beast form hero with locked skill into a no beast form hero with 7 interchangeable skills. Camp skills are mostly untouched, with a few minor adjustments. Her base stats are also adjusted, she is something between Crusader and Leper stat-wise now;
2. Reworks existing human form skills, and completely new one;
3. She can virtue now, is affected by virtue chance modifiers, and no longer has any personal afflictions;
4. She now has a full set of non-CC trinkets, including a collector head. Original 3 CC sets remain, but are somewhat adjusted, as is her crystalline trinket;
5. She now has 6 new color palette swaps.

===== Abilities =====

Sanguine Edge
– – O O | O O – –
Basic melee attack. Gets +DMG, +ACC and +CRIT vs Bleeding.

Crimson Lance
O O O – | – – O O
Long range attack that deals less damage the closer Duchess is to the first rank and also moves her forward by 1. Gets +DMG, +ACC and +CRIT vs Bleeding.

Quell The Rabble
– – O O | O+O – –
Debuff attack that does almost no damage and moves Duchess back by 1. Debuffs ACC, CRIT, and SPD. Has a relatively low chance to Stun, which gets further halved in 2nd rank.

Preposterous Challenge
– O O O
Gains 1 aegis block. Activates Riposte and Marks herself for 3 rounds.

– O O – | – O O –
Attack with a weaker damage and extremely lower crit chance that applies Stun, and does +DMG vs Stun. Bleeds self for 3 rounds.

Drain Masses
– O O – | O+O+O+O
Does very weak damage and applies very weak bleed. Heals herself for each target hit. Shuffles herself, and partially reduces healing from this skill for next few rounds.

Fatal Chomp
– – – O | O O – –
Relatively weak attack with a small self-heal. Does +DMG vs Bleeding and vs targets under 30% health. Heal is increased vs Bleeding and on-kill. Removes bleeding from the target afterwards, and prevents herself from being healed by this skill for the next round.

===== Compatibility =====
This mod utilizes CC and CoM contents, so it probably requires those two DLCs (haven’t tested without em, not going to).
If you didn’t have original Duchess mod installed before installing this, there should be no compatibility issues.

If you have original Duchess installed, there are two ways you can go (to be safe, you can also backup your save):

1. Risky way, but if it works, it might save your existing Duchesses and their trinkets. I do not recommended it, neither I support it. It’s untested, and I don’t vouch for anything that happens because of it.
You leave the original Duchess mod on, and add the Human Duchess mod above the original in the load order.

2. Safe way, but you will lose your old Duchesses and their class specific trinkets if you have any (to be safe, strip them of all non-class specific trinkets, lest those will be lost too).
You turn off the original Duchess mod, load up the save without turning on Human Duchess mod, clear 1 dungeon (so that a week would pass), return to main menu from hamlet, turn on Human Duchess mod, and load your save. Thats it. New Duchesses will be seeded into the stagecoach pool, and their trinkets will be seeded into the loot/reward pools.
Warning: If you turn off the original Duchess mod and turn on the Human Duchess mod at the same time, without clearing a dungeon inbetween, the game is going to be crashing on load (at least it did for me).

===== Bugs & Feedback =====
Please let me know about any bugs or other stuff you think might be useful.

Known Issues: I didn’t finish writing her affliction lines because there is ♥♥♥♥ ton of them, and they are insignificant part of the mod, and I don’t want it to hold her release down. I will do it eventually.

===== Special Thanks =====
Big thanks to the original team: S_Purple, Magic_Rabbit_Hat, and Slightly_Seal for creating this magnificent class mod, for allowing me to create his mod, and for all the help along the way!

Also thanks to good people of Moonlit Dungeon Discord for their enormous help with various code related aspects of DD:

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Darkest Dungeonu00ae: The Color of Madness
Darkest Dungeonu00ae: The Crimson Court

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.