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Author: ☢ Nato Potato ☢

Last revision: 21 Feb at 01:41 UTC (6)

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Lets you change the soundtrack in-game by using the mod config menu.

This mod lets you change the games music on the fly without even needing to go back to the main menu, you can pick a specific soundtrack, set it to shuffle between various soundtracks, or even pick and choose individual tracks from each soundtrack to make your own custom soundtrack. (or totally randomize the tracks for complete chaos)

Want the classic flash music for the basement and antibirth’s downpour music for flooded caves? you can do that, you want every single boss fight to play ‘Fast Track to Browntown’? sure you can do that too, for each default track in the game you can pick a song to play instead by selecting a soundtrack and trackname.

Just press F10 and go to ‘Set Soundtrack’

On top of having the regular rebirth soundtrack I have added soundtracks from some of Edmunds other games, plus a couple soundtracks from AB+ modpacks.
The soundtracks included are: Rebirth(AB+), Flash Isaac, Antibirth, Super Meat Boy, The End is Nigh, Legend of Bum-bo and Genesis+.
More soundtracks can be added to the menu by compatible mods (see below).

The mod will include 1 sountrack added by mods that aren’t compatible (listed as ‘Default’), but it can’t add multiple non-compatible soundtracks, they all overwrite the same files/track ids so only the most recently loaded one can be used.


Thanks to Broski for sending me the original prototype code which I modified to make this mod and for the Genesis+ soundtrack.
Thanks to Taz for making the music API and Piber for making the mod config menu.

Note that this mod can’t control the music for the title screen, intro cutscene, game start, pre-floor nightmare, game over or end credits.

But it DOES let you set a track specifically for Mega Satan, just call the track "SOUNDTRACKNAME Boss (Mega Satan)".

If you made a soundtrack mod adding compatibility is easy, just follow the instructions in the discussion topic.

Check them out and add more tracks to the menu, you can also use them as examples for making/updating your own mods.

This is included in POTATO PACK 2.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
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