[API] Music Mod Callback

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Author: Taz

Last revision: 30 Jun at 07:29 UTC (3)

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A complete rewrite of the music system, done purely so it can run callbacks before playing tracks.
You should only download this mod if another mod requires it.

This mod is NOT compatible with any mod that contains a modified resources/music.xml (unless listed above). Raw ogg replacements and music added via content/music.xml is fine.
If you really need to use a resources/music.xml for layers or intros, see the Notes section of the documentation.

This mod has no control over main menu music or cutscenes.


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GitHub Page[github.com]

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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.