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Author: robopitek

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Ever you are wondered why one thing from different materials have the same mass? This mod fixes it so plasteel mortar are lighter from steel mortar.

Ok seems interesting but, why i need this?
-You can build some things like mortars or bedrolls from lighter materials, so it’s easier to take them on a caravan and trade with allies or you can raid enemy easier.
-Or if you are defensive, simply download this and enjoy with things who makes sense.

Ok i make t-shirt from steel, why this t-shirt are not heavier from this one who are from bird skin?
-Echh, what?
In vanilla things from steel/stone/wood (walls, mortars, plate armors) are do not mix with this who are from cloths/leathers (apparel, bedrolls), so t-shirt from steel is not possible in vanilla.
-Steel have mass of 0.5 kg so this is "100%" for things like walls, plate armors. While cloth have mass of 0.026 kg (game rounds this value) so this is "100%" for things like apparel, bedrolls, armchairs.

Game save compatible?
-Dude, my current save is 500 hours (it raising) so i not want make mod who i made is game save incompatible, (game save compatible).
-It safe to remove.

Where this mod i must place?
-While I put this mod before the core, it works normally, so it is not important (except moment while other mod is adding mass factor too).

Any hard incompatibilities?
-Currently, here is incompatibility with Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition and twice mass factor for some things but nothing serious (only red errors, if you want choose what mass factor is more important, you should work on load order – while i put my mod higher from "Combat Extended: Fast Track", game the game calculated mass for things based of my mod, while i put "Combat Extended: Fast Track" above my mod, it was the opposite)
-The same problem who I wrote about above applies to mod [1.0] Combat Extended (the same way of "repair")

Mods supported? (new materials from these mods has a my factor)
[RF]Fertile Fields[1.0]
Science Never Stops
Glitter Tech (Glitter Tech without Surgery is working too)
VGP Vegetable Garden
[1.0]Alpha Animals
[1.0]Alpha Biomes
[1.0]Atlas’ Materials (glass have no mass factor, it new usage who i noticed is just a new glass wall, but if you noticed mod who are adding more usage of this glass please tell me)
[K]Extra Stone
-If you want more or update of existing, tell me here.

Mods partially supported? (these mods not have mass factor for all materials or "work in progress")
Expanded Woodworking (wood currently uses the vanilla mass factor "80%" 0.4kg while with this mod it should be "40%" 0.2kg, because I don’t know how to change the factor to other when mod changes vanilla mass, but hey partial support is better than none:)
Expanded Woodworking for Vegetable Garden Project (bambo logs and ironwood logs have mass factor based of VGP Vegetable Garden because I don’t know how to change it when different mods give different mass)

This red errors scares me…
-If you not have mods from mods supported (above) they occur, can be safely ignored (this is happen because this is my first mod, so i don’t know what repair this, if you are modder please give me example here)

This preview is ugly!
-Sorry i trying to make it pretty, but i got lost in the GIMP (ok, now really my best friend ate without a table, so I had to run away because he wanted to kill me)


Sorry for my english.


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