Optional Icons for Architect Icons

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Author: Proxyer

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Description :

This will tentatively adds some icons to the original Mod "Architect Icons" (architect tab). This mod does not have a dedicated icon, and uses an existing icon to make it displayable.

New Icons :


Z.T.Tool :
Give up your building
Mod author : LingLuo
Icon author : Freepik

Mod List Order :

Architect Icons
Optional Icons for Architect Icons (This mod)

Supported Mods:

Give up your building (New!)

Buildable Terrain
Dubs Skylights
LED Lights
LWM’s Deep Storage
Map Edit Tools
Medieval Times
Nano Repair Tech
[KV] Path Avoid – 1.0
Preemptive Strike
Project RimFactory[github.com]
Rabbie The Moonrabbit
[CP] Red Horse Furniture (1.0)
Religions of Rimworld and Religions of Rimworld 2.0
Remote Tech
Terraform Rimworld
Vanilla Furniture Expanded Core
What the hack?!
Zen Garden

The original Mod :

"Architect Icons" was created by marcin212.
This Modmod does not include the core part of the original Mod.
Only Icons are included.

Icons :

The icons used are from "Architect Icons". So the same authors. Icons designed by Good Ware, Freepik, Smashicons, Nikita Golubev, Smartine, Kiranshastry, fjstudio, Pixel perfect from Flaticon[www.flaticon.com]

Special Thanks :

Chicken Plucker : He consulted on the icons used for "Red Horse".

Suggest new icons:

If you have a mod that you would like to add an icon to, please report the mod’s name and workshop link in the thread below.

Icon Request thread

Original mod : Architect Icons
Original Mod author : marcin212
Original Icon authors : Good Ware, Freepik, Smashicons, Nikita Golubev, Smartine, Kiranshastry, fjstudio, Pixel perfect

Required items:

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