SeedsPlease patch : Vanilla Factions Expanded – Medieval

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Author: slapMYmarsupial

Last revision: 28 Feb at 06:15 UTC (1)

File size: 318.46 KB

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Compatibility mod for:

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Medieval

If you play with the aforementioned mods and additionally play with

VGP Vegetable Garden
[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core

then this patch removes the grape seeds that SeedsPlease adds for them so that the only seeds that exist are the ones that’re associated with Vanilla Factions Expanded – Medieval.

VGP Vegetable Garden and [1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core do not play nicely together, so pick one!

This patch does not require VGP Vegetable Garden nor [1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core to work.

Required items:

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Vanilla Factions Expanded - MedievalSteam Workshop

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