Travelling Trader

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Author: tumatauenga

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A functioning merchant for hire who will follow any member of your squad, and wait anywhere she is asked to, inside or outside, for any length of time. You can trade with her without hiring her, and of course, after she is hired, in both the follow and wait modes.

She sells a small selection of weapons and armour, ammo, food, common materials and some blueprints. But most importantly you can sell your endless piles of junk to her without requiring you to run to a town. She does not have unlimited money, but she does restock her goods every 4 hours as she scavenges the lands of Kenshi in your wake.

*** Tired of being constrained to where to build your outpost by nearby towns or ore? Now you can build anywhere and make it work thanks to your friendly on-site Travelling Trader! ***

*** Does leaving all that sweet loot in the ruins make you sad? Now you can walk outside and sell it directly to the Travelling Trader you’ve had waiting safely outside! ***

*** Sick of passing those sweet veins of ore out in the wilderness? Why not simply mine away and sell directly to the Travelling Trader! ***

*** Want a cool tag-along who wears the hell out of a good set of rags without having to micro-manage them? The Travelling Trader is all you’ve ever dreamed of and more! ***

Mod Features:
– Unique character found in bar in Squin. As a unique character she will die and become unavailable if you do not look after her, so assign her some bodyguards or keep a very close eye on her.
– One time hiring cost 30,000 cats (aimed at early-mid game)
– High speed means she will keep up with advanced squads.
– Stats: 50 Str, dex, tough, Effective 4 attack, Effective 53 defence, 80 athletics/swim, 1 in other stats, damage output 0.2.
– Custom outfit and backpack with protection comparable to 100% coverage [good] medium armour that LOWERS her offensive stats and damage to a VERY low level – she is not an offensive fighter, though she can defend herself to a reasonable extent and will continue to get better in defensive skills.
– If dismissed, she will travel home back to Squin. If you hope to rehire her again in the future, I suggest providing her with an escort.
– (Very, very small) chance of her selling advanced science / engineering research.
– No need to save/load to get follow&wait functionality working. It just works.

Hints and Advice
– Once hired, make sure she is protected at all times. I suggest having her follow a ranged character who stays back from the main action, and assigning 1 or more squad members to bodyguard her. Trust me – she’s worth it.
– The initial cost and requirement to protect her along with her lowered offensive stats and damage balance out the huge advantages of having a merchant who follows you and waits wherever you wish. The Travelling Trader is NOT intended as a cheat or exploit. In addition, having her tag along reduces the temptation to endlessly grind mining in a town, or embark on endless boring trade/loot runs and removes many other frustrations from the gameplay experience IMHO. Go do what you really want to do in Kenshi – explore, fight, build and enjoy.

Installation Instructions
– subscribe
– import or start new game to ensure mod loads correctly (though this is not necessarily needed it’s good practice)
– travel to Squin and look in the bars.
– Trade with her, or pay the 30,000 and have her join your adventures for good (she follows, rather than joins your squad).
– Enjoy!

Shout out to Ysky whose Trader for Hire mod inspired some aspects of this one (though the features and implementation are different).


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