Backgrounds and Doors

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Author: Nioffe

Last revision: 9 Feb at 08:10 UTC (1)

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A collection of backgrounds of many mods, edited to work together and look better

Short description:

• New walls, floor and variants for almost all floors
• Unique backdrop for Sacrifice/Angel/Challenge rooms
• New Sheol sprites won’t replace curse/bossrush/blackmarket/devil rooms
• New doors for everything
• A couple of visual effects for The Void
• Should have no incompatibility… you tell me

Mods with a presence here:
All credits to the author of each individual mod

More Backdrop Variants (Used as base, everything else overwrites it)
Better Doors Updated (Used as base, new doors overwrites it)
Antibirth (Downpour, Mines and Mausoleum backdrop, and some doors)
Arena Mode(Backdrop used for challenge room)
NotYourSagittarius(Sheol backgrounds, improved to instead of 1 wall, theres 3 walls with 2 variation each, and some fixes; Cave grass backdrop; Dank depths wall variation; Basillica backdrop used on angel room)
Better Cathedral(Included here with one more wall variant)
Monastery(Included here with optional patch; More variants because of edited backdrops.xml)
Graphic Changes(edited sheol/dark_room doors, and sheol corners being used on devil room)
A Random Graphics Modpack(Sheol background used as variant; Ultra greedier backdrdop)
Rainbow Poop+(Included here)
Heretic Mod(Basement backdrop used as a variant in cellar and burning basement)
Improved Golden Poop(Included here)
Improved Hallowed Ground(Included here)
Godmode(Void effect included here, it is disabled if godmode detected, so it won’t run 2 times)
White Void(included here an edited version that is less white and applies the effect instantly)

More detailed description:

• Caves: New alternative wall/floor; Can have a combination of dirt or grass backdrops
• Library: +Wall/Floor variants
• Shop: +Wall/Floor variants, may have ropes/posters on wall
• Ultra Greedier Shop: New backdrop
• Womb/Utero/Scarred_Womb: Monastery mod with optional patch, edits and more variants
• Diceroom: Needs to look like monastery, because it uses same doors of womb and I can’t change it
• Cellar: New alternative wall
• Catacombs: +Wall variants and new alternative wall, from antibirth mines
• Depths: Edited version of Antibirth’s Mausoleum
• Necropolis: Edited version of Antibirth’s Mausoleum
• Sheol: NotYourSagittarius’ Topheth, with 3 walls with 2 variants each, and 3 floor variants
• Cathedral: Fixed wall transitions and is not broken anymore, recolored
• Unique backdrop for Sacrifice/Angel/Challenge rooms
• New sprites for rainbow/gold poop
• Recolored TNT barrels, based on Antibirth
• Burning Basement: New wall variant
• Flooded Caves: Antibirth Downpour
• Dank Depthts: New alternative wall
• Void: New overlay effect, and the floor is a bit white

Regarding chapter 4 (Womb/Utero)
I am not returning it to the original look, I firstly made this mod for personal use and I hate how chapter 4 looks in original game. If you don’t like Monastery, go in the mod files and delete the right files so it will revert to vanilla

Also see:

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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

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