Calradian Kings

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Authors: CradonWar, tsf4

Last revision: 27 Sep, 2019 at 17:15 UTC

File size: 63.68 MB

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Current Version: 1.2.2
Checksum: WUBQ
Compatibility: CK2 3.2.1 (Holy Fury)
Music Pack: Calradian Kings Music

Recommended DLCs
  • The Sword of Islam
  • The Republic
  • The Old Gods or Holy Fury
  • Horse Lord
  • Customization Pack
  • All Portrait Packs

  • A medieval alternate history world in an alternate continent named Calradia instead of Europa.
  • A huge map contains that whole continent of Calradia which is shown exactly in Mount&Blade: Warband.
  • Total 765 provinces from basic 180 Mount&Blade: Warband fiefs as duchies.
  • You can play as a player specific mercenary warband and then you can reunite all over Calradian Empire!
  • 22 kingdoms for classic factions of Calradia.
  • Around 30 extended cultures for Calradian peoples with basic 6 factions of Calradia.
  • Vanilla religions for Calradian people.
  • Optional: Whole new soundtrack including Warrider, Mount&Blade, and Warband musics!
  • And of course, we have Zendar!


A list of people who have worked on this mod since development started, and credits for artwork and music.

Founder & Project Leader
Savaş Çoruh as CradonWar

Savaş Çoruh – History, General Additions, English Localisation
Gustavo Oliveira as Magnus Helvetti – History
Tanner Flick as tsf4 – History, General Additions
Aleksa Krivošija as SBolshevik – History, General Additions
Tomi Mäkelä as Chlodio – General Additions
Yvinis Alves de Almeida as Yvinis – General Additions & Bugfixes

Graphics & Artworks
Savaş Çoruh – Map, Paintings, Artworks
Mert Gültekin as BlackOtto – Map
Shade2 – Map

Alper Öcal as r.alper

Zafer Çoruh as CrusonVictor

TRT – Diriliş: Ertuğrul TV series for the main theme we used.

Deniz Kocatürk as Wolfaust – Early Stages of Map
Altay Göktan as 8bit – Early Stages of Map
cRPG Mod Team – Strategus Map of Calradia
Korbah – Resource of Flag Templates, Adoption Decision
Arakhor – Adoption Decision
logan.monk– Thick and Thin Borders

A special thanks to the team who made this entire mod possible: TaleWorlds Entertainment

We have probably missed out some one who helped or contributed at some point, just let us know and we will add you to the list.


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