Production X2

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Author: Frost

Last revision: 1 Jan at 11:33 UTC

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Double the production of all industries, 800 at max level.
Some raw materials production is set to 1600, for the factories need 2 units of raw materials to produce 1 unit of the product.


Although no problems were found in my tests, But I still recommend making a backup before loading the mod to your saves.

For saved games, this mod will not take effect on already created industries, but it will take effect on newly constructed industries.

Too much output may cause performance issue.
It is highly recommended to set "Number of industries" to "LOW" when generating map, and use Industry Button to place industries manually.


After update, this mod no longer overwrite base files.
So it should compatible with any other mods and work on industries added by mods.

LUA code modified from Col0Korn

Known Issue

Farm output should be 1600 but it’s 800.
Quarry output should be 800 but it’s 1600.