Enemy Melee Adjustment [WOTC]

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Author: Alex Nares

Last revision: 13 May at 23:10 UTC

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Enemy melee attacks are +25% more accurate, but deal -25% less damage.

It has always bothered me how the Faceless can do this huge swipe on a soldier – which hits everything in its path (destroying cover) but completely missing the soldier?

This mod makes enemy melee attacks more accurate but deal less damage. The average damage-per-attack remains the same, so it does NOT make the game any harder or easier in any significant manner.

Originally I made this for the Faceless, but decided to incorporate other enemies while I was at it.

—– Enemies Affected —–
Andromedon Robot
Psi Zombie
Bio Faceless

100% safe to enable or disable at any time. For a similar mod that affects XCOM’s weapons, check out More Consistent Damage.