Enemy Level Ratings [WOTC]

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Author: Alex Nares

Last revision: 19 May at 22:15 UTC

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Enemies will now display a "Level" rating next to their name in combat.

This rating is purely cosmetic and does not affect a unit’s actual power level – but rather, it should "reflect" their power level. (the giant red arrows are not included… I just added those for the photos)

Levels range from 1 to 20 and provide a visual clue as to how powerful or dangerous this enemy is (pathetic enemies are Level 1, and the most badass enemies will be Level 20).

For now, their starting levels are based on the average Force Level that they can spawn, but I intend to update them regularly as needed to reflect their actual "dangerousness" or "badassness".

Please help me tweak levels accurately by providing feedback on what you think they should be. Each level should stand out as it’s own category. For example, a Level 4 enemy should be clearly superior to a Level 3 enemy – and if you notice that an enemy might be in the wrong category, then I need to fix that.

Also let me know if you notice any mod-added enemies that don’t have levels displayed, so I can add them. Each enemy variant has to be added manually (which is easy to do, but doesn’t happen automatically unless I do it).

Currently only affects base-game enemies and WOTC. I intend to update to support DLC and mod enemies soon.

100% safe to enable or disable at any time. Should work with all UI mods, because this does not change any UI systems, it merely edits the text that is pulled from those systems to display to the player.

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