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Author: Alex Nares

Last revision: 20 May at 00:03 UTC

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Increases the amount of gameplay on Operation Gatecrasher by 2x.

Has it ever bothered you that the first mission of a new campaign gives you this big HUGE map with a beautiful urban environment, lots of cover, flanking, and verticality — but only 2 groups of enemies to kill (3 on Legend) — and they are close to the middle objective?

This mod utilizes all of that wasted space and makes things interesting! By doing these things:

1) XCOM starting location will be approximately 2x as far from the objective (you should be near the corner of the map).
2) Doubles the number of enemy groups on the mission.
3) Each enemy group has been evenly spaced apart, so that you can engage each group individually. (But of course, this is XCOM – and sh*t happens)
4) Some groups have been moved to the opposite half of the map (back side), so you will be able to fight across the whole map in its entirety.
5) EncounterZoneWidth has been doubled as well, allowing them to walk around more and appear in different areas each time you play – for maximum replayability.

Naturally, more enemies = equals more difficulty, so this mod is recommended for experienced players looking for a challenge. (or if you are using mods that make the game easier)

100% safe to enable or disable at any time. This mod updates the default XComSchedule for the "SabotageCC" mission — so it will not work alongside other mods that change the default schedule for *that* mission.

Not compatible with A Better Campaign because that mod also edits the same mission. Whichever of these two mods that you enable 2nd should take priority.