[WOTC] Resident Evil 5: Albert Wesker (STARS)

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Author: NerevarRising97

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DISCLAIMER: This mod adds a custom head – you must have X2WOTCCommunityHighlander installed when using Mods with custom heads!


"Not quite your ordinary house–that’s for sure."

Meet the Captain of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team…

Albert Wesker: the totally-trustworthy Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, who is certainly not in league with Umbrella, is here to lend a hand to XCom. And he’s totally not going to betray you.

  • Standard STARS Wesker gear– Male Only — you may find these under names like "STARS Wesker Torso (RE5)."
  • Tinted STARS Wesker gear — allows you to color the shirt with Secondary Armor Color, and the STARS vest with Pimary Armor Color. You may find these under names like "STARS Wesker Torso Tinted (RE5)."
  • STARS Wesker Head + Glasses, now featuring glowing eyes and (mostly) correct FACIAL WEIGHTS! The Glasses are found in the Head’s Upper Prop category.

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A few more Resident Evil characters are currently in the works, along with potential facial weights for my STARS Jill Mod, a familiar weapon, and – if all goes well – a special enemy! I may look into learning how to implement voice packs as well, but no promises there.

I would love to add Wesker as a custom, persistent, enemy, but my current skill set for that task is not up to par. I would love to also give him a custom animation set on top of this to truly bring the threat of complete, global, saturation to the world of XCom 2. I may eventually take steps towards this, but it currently feels like a monumental task!

Credits & Special Thanks:


Capcom for developing and publishing Resident Evil 5 and all its assets!

Adngel’s rendering[www.deviantart.com] of Albert Wesker (STARS).

Snakeyboy’s Resident Evil 3 Font[www.deviantart.com], which is featured as part of the Mod Preview picture! Please show him your support – it’s incredible!

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
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