[WOTC] Reduced Alien Weapon FX (v1.01)

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Author: Tully

Last revision: 27 Jul at 07:39 UTC

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If you play with Idle Suppression or any mod that makes units fire their guns a lot, you’ll know that using mods such as these tend to lower your FPS quite a bit when there’s a lot of units firing at the same time.

You’ll notice your FPS gradually decreasing over time as well, until you re-load a save.

These are problems known by the community and is being looked into by the lovely people working on the Highlander, but until those problems are fixed, there’s not much we can do to ease the performance hit.

Enter Reduced Alien Weapon FX, my way of trying to put a band-aid on this problem by effectively nerfing the ♥♥♥♥ out of the Aliens’ flashy energy weaponry, stripping down the particle FX of their guns in hopes of reducing that performance hit.

Now, since i have a fairly beefy computer and can run Idle Suppression without TOO much FPS loss, i’d like to know in the comments if this mod helps your performance and to what degree.

That being said, i’ve done a quick performance test of these mods which you can find here.

You can find the XCOM Weapon version of this mod here.



Toned down alien weapon particle effects using Iridar’s Weapon Skin Replacer, the weapons include:

-The ADVENT Assault Rifle (Including the Priest SMG variant)

-The ADVENT Purifier’s Flamethrower

-The ADVENT MEC’s Machine Gun

-The ADVENT Sectopod’s Turret

-The Sectoid, Viper, Muton, Codex and Spectre’s plasma weaponry

-The Andromedon’s plasma shotgun (the game REALLY can’t handle a plasma shotgun firing several beams at the same time, i lowered the number of beams fired from 5 to 1 and noticed an immediate performance improvement whenever an Andy would fire his gun)

-The Archon’s Pimp Cane

-The Gatekeeper’s Death Ray

-The Avatar’s Plasma Repeater

If you don’t like how i toned down a particular weapon, you can remove it’s entry in the XComWeaponSkinReplacer file.



-None that i know of.

Tell me if you find any, i’ll see if i can do something about it.

No, there won’t be a Vanilla version of this.



VERSION 1.01 (7/27/2020)

-Added the ADVENT Purifier, ADVENT Priest and Spectre to the reduced FX list

-Fixed some typos in the XComWeaponSkinReplacer config

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