[WOTC] Cerberus Guardian: Replace Advent Shieldbearer

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Authors: Cavily, Lord_Poncho57, Musashi, Claus, NightNinja54

Last revision: 20 Mar at 16:35 UTC

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The Elders are dying, and Advent is a pawn in our game. Humanity is stronger than ever; Cerberus is stronger than ever.
-The Illusive Man

The Cerberus Guardian replaces the traditional Advent Shieldbearer

The Cerberus Guardian is a new enemy that joins the fight against XCOM. The unit uses a M25 Hornet SMG, Guardian Shield, Cerberus Engineered Armor, and custom Cerberus voice pack.

New Content
  • The Cerberus Guardian functions identically to its Advent Shieldbearer counterpart
  • The model of the advent shieldbearer is replaced, and all related items and research are renamed.
  • In this way, the mod should keep all expected game play consistent.

Additional Details

This will seamlessly integrate into a current or new campaign.

Full Credits
  • Jblade35: Porting voicepack for XCOM integration
  • Lord_Poncho57: Editing weapon & shield models, textures, and sounds for XCOM integration
  • Cavily: Editing armor models and textures for XCOM integration
  • Musashi & Claus: For creating Shields in XCOM 2
  • Robojumper & E3245: For their animation expertise
  • NightNinja54: Programming and development
  • Bioware: Original designs

Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or discrepancies. We hope you enjoy!

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