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Introducing Cutenium!

The Cutest substance in the cosmos!
It’s so colorful and shiny!

But Phoebs, what’s it do?

I’ll tell you! You can mine it! It occurs on the surface and deep underground on any planet up to Tier 5, looks like someone just slapped a rainbow gradient on a vanilla ore (Not that I would know by experience), and has a faint glow.
Once you mine it, you can forge it into cutenium bars, and make yourself some cheaply-sprited Tier 4 Armor
Subscribe now and you can refine your Cutenium Bars into CUTENIUM EX bars! If you’ve ever said "Man I love this cool weapon but it runs out of energy every 6 and a half seconds" then Cutenium EX is for you! It provides an "OP" boost to energy, and fairly reasonable buffs to your other stats. (That is, you can still die while wearing the armor).
There also may, or may not, be a hidden armor that has…interesting stats.
Is it compatible wit–
Yes. Unless it uses the matmod ID 128 or the name Cutenium, it will work.
This is OP, can you please nerf?
If you convince me that there is any way to play starbound that does NOT involve firing an atom smasher for 4 consecutive minutes, maybe. (Bonus: See video for me actually firing the atom smasher for 4 consecutive minutes)
Why are the armor sprites clearly recycled vanilla sprites?
I can’t sprite. I once made two minecraft skins and I’m amazed I even managed that. All I can do is slap gradients on stuff.
Why are there no Cutenium tiles/weapons/etc?
Again. I cannot sprite. If you make a Cutenium sword/gun/whatever, let me know. That being said, you are more than welcome to make a sprite swap as long as you credit me (and link back here of course)!
Why can’t you sprite?
Let’s not ask those kind of questions
Will you shamelessly plug a discord server?
Yes. Join Prima Space []