Double Skill Points with Skill Dump -UPDATED-

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Author: halogamb

Last revision: 28 May at 17:59 UTC

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Since nearly every other skill point mod is unsupported, including the one I used to use, I decided to put together my own with some inspiration from a now defunct one. I’ll support this mod for as long as I am able to since at the moment, it doesn’t seem too complicated.

Lords get 2 SP per Level, Agents/Heroes get 2 SP per Level.

There is an extra dump skill in the upper right for characters that have too many skill points left over. (Unlocks at level 24 to prevent AI from dumping into it pre-confederation) as this mod also gives the AI extra skill points. I don’t know how to make a player-only version so I won’t be doing that.

The skill dump looks like it can only take 3 extra skill points but it actually has more space than you will need.

Other Info

1 – There is a version of this mod combined with a Useful Skull Dump. That version has compatibility versions with Mixu’s lords and SFO.

2 – This should be savegame compatible to an extent. Skill points cannot be retroactively added but from the point of mod activation, it should grant the increased skill points and add the skill dump.

3 – This is multiplayer compatible.

4 – This should work in both vortex/ME. I foresee no real issues with this mod. There may be a graphical glitch that appears in the skill level bubble but that’s a CA issue with the base coding when modding stuff like this so I don’t think it is fixable. However it shouldn’t affect gameplay in the slightest. If there are any bugs with the specific functionality of the mod, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. If any lord or hero is missing the skill dump, let me know.

5 – This mod works. If you can’t get it to work at all, use KMM.

6 – Please do not reproduce this mod without permission.

Other versions

Double Skill Points with Skill Dump -UPDATED- -This mod-
Usefull skillpoint dump [2x skillpoints]
(Mixu’s LL 1&2 Add-On) Usefull skillpoint dump [2x skillpoints]
(SFO Add-On) Usefull skillpoint dump [2x skillpoints]
These other versions are collaborated on and created with my permission.