Rome II HD: Legions of the Imperator

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Authors: Celticus, Kagarino Kirie, Benjin

Last revision: 8 Aug at 19:05 UTC (1)

File size: 634.12 MB

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READ: Screenshots taken with Orbis Terrarum II active with 20 Gamma and 12 Brightness at 1080p resolution, Extreme Settings (4x Anti-Aliasing).

IMPORTANT: Please read the entire description for full details on the mod including features, scope, future plans, and permissions.


Mod Summary:

Rome II HD: Legions of the Imperator is a continuation of the Rome II HD series of mods that aim to reskin the entire game for the modern gaming era. This mod covers the units featured in Imperator Augustus Campaign. The 2nd Triumvirate is collapsing and the rivalry for the seat of power in Rome rages. Witness the evolution from Republic to Empire with the twilight of the Republican soldiers and birth of the Imperial Legions of Rome. Featuring new equipment, weapons, and armor, seek glory for Rome or yourself with these newly designed units!


How to Install:

1. Subscribe to Mod

2. Ensure the proper load order is followed:

I. Legions of the Imperator

II. Veterans of Alesia

III. Heroes of Zama

IV. Sons of Mars

3. The End.



– Dozens of custom models and textures.

– Historical helmets, armor, equipment used with respect for history and artistic license.

– Roman Officer armor based on the Rome II Cover Art, Concept Art, and HBO Rome.

– Covers the units of the Rome faction in Imperator Augustus and The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

– Octavian, Antony, Lepidus, and Sextus Pompey given unique shields and faction designs.

– Extensive edits to weighting and model composition to ensure assets fit in with the vanilla aesthetic and quality.

– Designed to work seamlessly along other reskins such as Benjin’s general mods.

– Total War: Attila HD skins to replace the Rome II italic style skins (WIP)


Future Plans:

This mod is a continuation of the true Rome II HD project that aims to reskin the entire game with custom assets while keeping the spirit of the vanilla game alive. We strive to make quality content that covers the future Roman eras and eventually the enemies Rome faced. This means there will be full reskins for the Grand Campaign, and Third Century down the line. Stay tuned for more information on these projects.



Performance has been optimized with texture quality ranging from 256-1024. Frames per second and overall smoothness of gameplay should be comparable to minor reskins and even vanilla gameplay. Your computer should not struggle to run this mod.



This mod reskins the units of the Imperator Augustus campaign so any mod which does the same thing will be incompatible.


This mod is not compatible with Divide et Impera nor any other major reskin of Roman units. It is meant to be standalone and used with the vanilla game.



This mod has case by case permissions with many assets available if permission is requested. Some assets may be barred from use if their original creators disagree with the request. Some contributors have asked their work not to be shared and we must honor that. Anyone found in violation of these permissions will have their mods flagged and take down notices will be sent. Those modders looking to use any asset will contact Celticus directly and put in a request for the specific name of the rigid model they wish to use and permission will either be granted or declined.


Mod Team and Contributors:

Lead Designer and 3D/2D Artist: Celticus
3D Artist: Kagarino Kirie
3D Artist: Benjin
3D Artist Contributor: Kaziel
3D Artist Contributor: Noniac
2D Artist Contributor: Attila
Machinima Creator: Malay Archer

Special Thanks:

A huge thank you to Benjin and Kagarino Kirie who put in a massive amount of time and effort into making this reskin the best it can be. This mod would not be possible without their work and support. Another huge thanks to Attila and his wonderful shield patterns used as the basis for many units. Finally a thank you to Phazer who has produced a wonderful Rigid Model Editor tool that allowed the mod to be made in a timely fashion.

Complimentary Mods:

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Benjins Suite of General Mods including:

AAA: Generals – Romans (Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising –

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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Total War: ROME II - Augustus Campaign Pack

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