[WOTC] Rescue Denmother

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Authors: Iridar, Kexx

Last revision: 11 Aug at 21:50 UTC (1)

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Allows to rescue Denmother from the first retaliation mission of the campaign and have her join your crew as a soldier. When you deploy on the mission, Denmother will be bleeding out somewhere in the middle of the map, and it’s up to you to stabilize, evac her or kill all enemies before she bleeds out. You get 8 turns to do so.

If you manage to keep her alive, she will join your crew as a regular soldier. She does not have a custom character template, so once you get her, you can customize her however you like.

Included features:

  • Cosmetic body parts by Kexx to recreate Denmother’s appearance from the cinematic.
  • Custom soldier class: Keeper.
  • Custom weapon for Denmother: Marksman Carbine.
  • Lore entry in XCOM Archives.

WOTC only. No vanilla version.


Included into this mod are: Denmother’s torso with tactical gear, arms with shoulder plates, legs with ammo pouches, backpack and a beanie. All cosmetics are done by Kexx.
These cosmetics should not appear on randomly generated soldiers, but you can equip them on any female soldier manually.
You can also edit the mod’s config to add her torso and tactical gear separately.
The in-game cosmetics are not a perfect mirror of what you see in the cinematic, but it’s close enough to be recognizable.


Two skill rows of vanilla perks. Same stat progression as Sharpshooter. Made mostly for flavor.
Primary weapon: assault rifle.
Secondary Weapon: pistol.
Armor: regular soldier and sharpshooter armor.

Combat Presence
Pistol Shot
Deep Cover
Safe Overwatch vs shoot + Overwatch
More accurate Overwatch vs more actions when shot
Rifle Return Fire
More Overwatch shots vs direct retaliation
Holo Targeting
Covering Fire
Accuracy buff when firing multiple shots vs triggering reaction shots more reliably
Cool Under Pressure
Hail of Bullets
Overwatch buff vs guaranteed damage
Fan Fire
Even more Overwatch shots vs burst damage

Deep Cover works great with an Overwatch build, because it will activate Hunker Down automatically if you Overwatch. Aim will then also buff the accuracy of the Overwatch shot.

Waylay is often misunderstood. What it does is grants you an additional Overwatch shot if you enter Overwatch with one AP remaining, and +2 shots if you do it with 2 AP remaining. So worst case scenario, it’s +1 Overwatch shot guaranteed.

Denmother herself also gains an additional flavor perk: One Good Eye – works similarly to Zero In, but resets only when switching targets.

Rookies will not be randomly promoted to the Keeper class. To be able to train Rookies to Keepers in GTS, you have to promote a Keeper (so, Denmother) to a Captain and then purchase an unlock in GTS for 50 Supplies. Doing so will also grant Steady Aim perk to all Keepers.

This class is pretty basic and could have been way more fancy, but I wanted to make the mod quickly, and the custom soldier class is mostly a flavor thing.


This Assault Rifle will be equipped on Denmother when she joins your crew. Or the weapon will be added to Avenger’s inventory if she dies on the retaliation mission and you recover Denmother’s body or kill all enemies.

Marksman Carbine deals the same base damage as a Magnetic Rifle, and has +1 Magazine Size. However, it deals only +1 damage on critical strikes and its critical chance is reduced by 20%. All of this to provide an incentive of using this weapon more for Overwatch rather than for flank shots on some other class.

You can equip this weapon on any other soldier, if you want. You will have only this one Marksman Carbine, you cannot produce any more. It is intended to be unique.

Compatible will all the standard weapon upgrades and has 2 upgrade slots.
It will be converted into a regular Plasma Rifle when you purchase the Plasma Rifle upgrade schematic.


Once the first retaliation mission is over, XCOM Archives will be updated with Denmother’s dossier. The dossier, as well as Denmother’s background, will be different based on your performance on the retaliation mission. There are three variants in total. The dossier is not canon, but it is based on canon and some hints left in game’s unused assets.


The mod does not require a new campaign start, but for obvious reasons adding it after the first retaliation mission is pointless.

[BETA] X2WOTCCommunityHighlander v1.21 or higher is required.
Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers (+ Some other empty things) is required, unless you play with Unrestricted Customization – Wotc.

The only part of the mod that requires the BETA Highlander is being able to train additional Keepers in GTS after purchasing their GTS unlock. If you don’t care about that, you can use the mod with any Highlander v1.18 or above.


[WOTC] Only Haven Assaults – somewhat INCOMPATIBLE. When you kill the first half of enemies on your first Haven Assault, Denmother will be automatically stabilized and evacuated for you. This is not really intended behavior. You can imagine that she was dragged off to a first aid tent by the freed resistance personnel or something like that. The mod should work correctly after that point, and Denmother will still join your crew, although you will always get the bad backstory that her family was killed.


[WotC] Infirmaria Ex Mortis – if Denmother dies on the retaliation mission, you should be able to bring her back to life in the Infirmary, as long as you recover her body by evacuating it or killing all enemies on the map.

[WOTC] Iridar’s Underbarrel Attachments – the Marksman Carbine has a unique Underbarrel Grenade Launcher model. It will also replace the appearance of all underbarrel attachments, but you’re not really meant to be able to equip them on this weapon anyway.


The mod is highly configurable through various configuration files in:



Cosmetics by Kexx.
Class icon by NeIVIeSiS.
Keeper class description by lago502

Please support me on Patreon[www.patreon.com] if you require tech support, have a suggestion for a feature, or simply wish to help me create more awesome mods.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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