Donate by Mining

From now on you can support the project without any cost!

We currently receive funds (which help us maintain this site) only from ad revenue. However, at some point those banners became very annoying. Some of you had offered a possible alternative solution and we would like to try it.

It became possible for you to donate us some of your CPU resources by mining Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency right in your browser. Although single user (even with a high-end CPU) can’t bring much, it should work better with many. In the best-case scenario, we will be able to get rid of all ads and move files to a more reliable and faster solution.

Every aspect of the miner is customizable, including how many cores and how much power to use. By default it is reduced to half of your CPU resources.

If you wish to start mining, just press the corresponding button below. Once the tab has been closed, the miner stops working. It never works without you knowing about it. The longer you stay, the more you donate.


Loading UI...

This type of mining is perfectly safe for your computer and it doesn’t produce significant traffic. If you are worried about power consumption or your system overheats, you can reduce amount of resources under ‘THREADS’ and ‘SPEED’ labels in the miner UI. However, it is not recommended to run miner on devices, which are currently consuming battery power (phones, tablets, unplugged laptops, etc.)

If you can’t see the miner UI or nothing happens after you click ‘Start Mining’, then it is possibly blocked by your ad blocking software. To make it work you need to add this page or site to exclusions. Thank you!