Strategy Balance Mod

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Author: prim0's Dog

Last revision: 1 Aug, 2018 at 05:13 UTC

File size: 213.96 MB

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A balance mod for both Formula and GT categories.

Reduced/negated the advantage of certain engine modes and driving styles, allowing the successful use of more in-game strategies.

Re-balanced refuelling and the time cost for a fuel heavy car, allowing more freedom in choosing your starting fuel load.

*Altered the ideal crossover point between slicks/inters and inters/wets to more accurately match the in-game graphics.

Other features such as the effects of driver form and the time cost from having a sub 100% setup have also been tweaked.

*Added 3 minutes to Short and Medium practice session lengths to make acquiring knowledge bonuses for the race a little more flexible. These lengths are determined by the Rules in your motorsport series, not your preferences menu. This change also affects Endurance, in addition to Formula and GT.

Will add similar features for Endurance racing in the future if there is demand for it. Tyre compound balance changes are also in the works. Support for Short and Long race lengths are planned.

**The changes only take effect in MEDIUM race length sessions, unless noted with an asterisk**

**This mod is fully compatible with ongoing saves, there is no need to begin a new career after installing**

**The mod appears in the Assets section of the in-game Mod Manager instead of the actual Mods section. I have no idea why, but it does not affect on the functionality of the mod in any way**

**Any input about the effects of the mod will be tested and possibly implemented into future builds**