Sails that are Sandy

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Authors: SunSpirit, supercoolsonic

Last revision: 26 Nov, 2022 at 21:13 UTC

File size: 2.78 GB

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A chapter mod over a year in the making, it’s Sails That Are Sandy!

The "Graphics Update" is now out!

Hat Kid detects whole bunch of time pieces in a massive desert down on the planet. Determined as ever to reclaim her fuel for her spaceship, she begins an expedition down in the sands for the sparkling objects.

This mod is a massive tribute to Sand N Sails, if that wasn’t obvious from the screenshots and video. Almost all mechanics that were made for Sand N Sails have been polished up, implemented, and fleshed out. Safe rings, the Sandmobile (with bug fixes!), water flasks, and more are present at full force in this mod. There’s a total of 10 Time Pieces to collect, several goodies like flairs, dyes, badges, and even a new costume! And let’s not forget Death Wishes, of which there are 9!

The "Graphics Update" adds a whole slew of fixes and improvements to the mod, including a new Blue Rift and a new Death Wish! Please, check it out! Check out the patch notes for a more detailed analysis of what’s been changed.

Releasing in time for Hat’s 3rd anniversary, not for the Memories Jam. Pretty sure a mod over a year in development isn’t allowed in a jam. Hueh

Coop mode is partially implemented. Most levels support coop usually, but some can break, and some break easily. Basically, coop is WIP at the moment. Hopefully full coop support will come in the near future. Enabling coop won’t break the mod as soon as you enable it, but exploits and bugs have a probability of happening. Online party, however, is far more stable, only rarely breaking.


Crash – Modeling assistance and contributions, provided a new character with animations as well! Lots of coding help, too! Also did voice acting. Tester.

SB64 – Custom scripts!

DoctorTreeFrog – Script help and custom scripts! Tester.

Amiibolad – Designing the concept of the new costume!

Wolfcl0ck – Modeling contributions, voice acting! Tester.

Guzbloon – Support, modeling assistance and contributions, texture contributions, and modeling the costume! Tester.

Cambot – Modeling and texture contributions!

Grimbork – Major texture contributions, voice acting, and music contributions!

Salutanis Orkonus – Lots of major music contributions! Main tracks and remixes!

JDWMGB – Custom scripts and coding assistance, model contributions, and a lot of editor help! Tester.

SgtPopper – Lots of coding assistance, asset contributions. Tester.

SttiS Tunes – Lots of editor help, texture contributions, model contributions, provided several flairs, coding assistance, music contributions, support! Tester.

Lumitic – So much help with materials and coding! Asset contributions, support. Tester.

Jorge SunSpirit – Major art asset contributions, animation contributions, texture contributions, modeling contributions, voice acting, support! Major tester. More or less lead artist 🙂

The Instigator – Voice acting and support. Tester.

Asra – Testing.

spop – model contributions, support, editor help! Tester.

Souper Marilogi – Major tester.

SuperInkLink – Tester. Insane DW maniac.

hunnibun – Tester.

RykuaRuki – Major art contributions and support! Tester.

SamiSha – Coding assistance. Tester.

SleepyHex – Asset contributions. Tester.

JDW – Tester.

Argle – Scooba stuff!

Fenix Ark Angelus (MysteryMan & Wisteria Bird Studios) – Remix used in the mod.

alexanderrichardknight – Additional cactus models used in the mod.

HERO – New Mod Icon!

Required DLC:

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A Hat in Time - Seal the Deal
A Hat in Time - Nyakuza Metro + Online Party