Overwatch Weapon Pack

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Author: NSKuber

Last revision: 25 Jun, 2020 at 12:25 UTC

File size: 381.66 MB

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  • The mod now REQUIRES "Weapon Engine" for some weapons to function properly;
  • Added 2 new weapons: Sigma’s Hyperspheres and Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher;

To use these weapons, subscribe to this mod and all mods listed as required. Then launch moddable version of the game and use CWM mod to obtain weapons. Check CWM mod description and/or guide if you have troubles using CWM! Note that using BFEtoOW or HDtoOW configuration in CWM will likely result in you hitting ammo type limit (32) and being unable to use some weapons at later levels!

This mod adds a total of 36 weapons from Overwatch to Serious Sam Fusion as resources.

The weapons are:

Fusion Cannons (D.Va)
Light Gun (D.Va)
Fusion Driver (Orisa)
Rocket Hammer (Reinhardt)
Scrap Gun (Roadhog)
Hyperspheres (Sigma
Tesla Cannon (Winston)
Quad Cannons (Wrecking Ball)
Particle Cannon (Zarya)

The Viper (Ashe)
Recon Configuration (Bastion)
Sentry Configuration (Bastion)
Tank Configuration (Bastion)
Hand Cannon (Doomfist)
Shurikens (Genji)
Dragonblade (Genji)
Storm Bow (Hanzo)
Frag Launcher (Junkrat)
Peacekeeper (McCree)
Endothermic Blaster (Mei)
Rocket Launcher (Pharah)
Hellfire Shotguns (Reaper)
Heavy Pulse Rifle (Soldier 76)
Machine Pistol (Sombra)
Photon Projector (Symmetra)
Rivet Gun (Torbjorn)
Pulse Pistols (Tracer)
Widow’s Kiss (Widowmaker)

Biotic Rifle (Ana)
Biotic Launcher (Baptiste)
Rocket Flail (Brigitte)
Sonic Amplifier (Lucio)
Caduceus Staff (Mercy)
Caduceus Blaster (Mercy)
Coalescence (Moira)
Orbs of Destruction (Zenyatta)

In original game, many of these weapons have Primary and Alternative fire. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to make alternative fires in Serious Sam, so for each weapon only one firing mode was chosen.
The choice of fire mode was based on several factors – such as balancing, availability of animations and simply common sense what would fit better in Sam.

There are quite a few unique features to these weapons! Here are some of them that you should know about:

  • Tesla Cannon damages all enemies in a short radius in front of you. It is perfect for clearing large groups of low-health monsters up close;
  • You cannot move while shooting with Bastion Sentry. This is both a nod to origins of this weapon and a balancing measure, as the weapon outputs huge amounts of rather precise hitscan damage;
  • Endothermic Blaster shoots icicles, but these have a short cast time, like in original game;
  • Energy ball, launched by Photon Projector, passes through everything, damaging all enemies it touches; it works differently in Versus gamemodes though, launching simple non-piercing ball instantly;
  • Biotic Rifle heals allies for 40 health when you shoot at them;
  • Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier can play music tracks which provide either healing or speed boost to all allies nearby. Use Alternative Fire key (RMB by default, or opposite controller trigger in VR) to switch between tracks or turn them off. Be wary that playing the music slowly consumes ammo of the weapon!
  • Caduceus Staff can only be used on allies, either healing them or providing damage boost. Use Alternative Fire key (RMB by default) to switch between staff modes. Caduceus Staff ammo replenishes automatically as soon as the weapon is not active.
  • Coalescence passes through all living things, healing allies and damaging enemies. It has, however, limited range.


Q: Why does weapon X has only this firing mode and not that one?
A: Read above, it is not yet possible to make two firing modes on one weapon in SS, and the choice had to be made.
Usually it was made out of balance, plausibility availability of resources.
If alternative fire modes will be possible in the future, I will probably update the pack.

Q: I don’t have sounds on some weapons, and some weapons (Tesla Cannon, Photon Projector, Healing weapons) don’t work at all!
A: The pack utilizes scripting, and if you are playing a level with a custom gametitle, chances are these scripts won’t be running, resulting in bad work of some weapons. If you do encounter such levels, please write about them in the comments.

Q: Why didn’t you use Sam arms?
A: These weapons use original Overwatch animations, and each pair of arms have their own skeleton.
Trying to make these animations work with Sam hands would require either rigging Sam hands or remaking every single animation with default Sam hands. Both of these task take enormous amount of time, and, considering this should be done for each weapon independently, ultimately it will not worth the time spent.
In short, I will not be doing Sam hands for these.

Known issues:

  • Mercy’s healing beam effect comes out of nowhere at higher FOV;
  • Roadhog’s Scrap Gun doesn’t have dispersion crosshair;
  • Reaper Shotguns and D.Va mech cannons don’t shoot one-by-one like in the game; not possible right now in Sam;
  • Winston’s Tesla Cannon damages the player shooting from it in Versus; scripted weapons don’t translate well into Versus yet;

Blizzard Entertainment – for an amazing Overwatch game and all resources taken from it;
Soulmyr – for HD versions of weapons, testing and custom scopes for sniper rifles.