Dynamic Infinite Search Mode

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Author: Champygnakx

Last revision: 5 Jul, 2022 at 21:52 UTC

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This mod dynamically disables search mode interruptions (zombies, sprinting, vehicles) and search mode overlays based on Foraging skill level, traits, zombie kills, and combat and agility skills levels.
Also adds the trait "Relentless Scavenger" which completely disables all interruptions and overlay effects from the start. It is gained dynamically once you a player meets the requirements.

This is based on my other mods "Infinite Search Mode" and "Relentless Scavenger Trait".

Running interruptions:

Disabled after reaching Foraging level 3 and Agility skills level 5. (or if you have the trait)
(Agility level = Sprinting + Lightfooted + Nimble + Sneak levels)
You still get the maluses from running/sprinting.

Search Mode Overlay Effects:

Affects blur, darkness, gradient levels, desaturation, and radius visual effects.
All disabled at foraging level 5. (or if you have the trait)
Before foraging level 5: lowers the effects according to the foraging level. The more levels, the less overlay effects.
You still get the maluses from moodles, weather, darkness and such. Only the visual effects are removed.

"Zombie tolerance", aka zombie interruptions:

The number of zombies required to interrupt Search Mode.
Zombie tolérance increases according to Foraging skill level, Combat skills level, zombies killed, and some traits (Brave, Brawler, Desensitized) (Pacifist, Cowardly, Agorahpobic reduces it).
Note: Combat skills are all melee weapon skills, the Maintenance skill, the Aiming skill and the Reloading skill. I stole the idea from the "dynamic traits sauce edition" mod.
If you have the trait, zombie interruptions are disabled.

Exact formulas:
Zombies (Visible and Chasing) tolerance :
= number of zombies visible and chasing required to interrupt search mode
= 3 + ([Foraging Level] * 2), + ([Zombies killed]/100), + ([Combats skills level]/2),
+ 10 if Brave, +10 if Brawler, -5 if Pacifist, -10 if Agoraphobic, -10 if Cowardly, + 30 if Desensitized
Minimum 3

Zombies (Very Close to player) Tolerance :
= number of zombies very close required to interrupt search mode
= 1 before Foraging level 4
after foraging level 4 :
= ([Foraging Level]/3), + ([Zombies killed]/500), + ([Combat skills level]/10),
+2 if Brave, +2 if Brawler, -1 if Pacifist, -2 if Agoraphobic, -2 if Cowardly, +5 if Desensitized

Vehicle interuptions :

(when entering a vehicle it disables search mode)
Disabled after reaching Foraging level 6. (or if you have the trait)

Relentless Scavenger trait :

This trait is dynamically obtained at level 8 Foraging, 1500 zombies killed, 5 levels in agility skills and 8 levels in combat skills.
It disables all search mode interruptions. (So it has infinite zombie tolerance.)
It costs 7 points in the character creation screen, and grants +1 Foraging. Also grants +1 Scavenging (if you have the mod "Scavenging Skill")
Good foraging stats. (++radius, –weather effect, –darkness effect, ++categories) Visible with "More Descriptions for Traits".
Auto enables Search Mode automatically after loading a game.
The trait is slightly buffed compared to the other version because in the context of this mod it is less valuable since you can aquire it dynamically.

Once you get the Relentless Scavenger trait, you have the complete infinite search mode enabled.


I have not tested this in multiplayer. But it should work.


Don’t use this with "Infinite Search Mode" or "Relentless Scavenger Trait" or "Custom Foraging Settings".

Workshop ID: 2831046541
Mod ID: DynamicInfiniteSearchMode