The Ratslayer

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Author: EtherealShigure

Last revision: 20 Feb at 11:56 UTC

File size: 1.15 MB

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in association with Project fallout

a Unique varmint rifle modeled from the one in fallout new vegas,

PLEASE RESUB TO THE MOD, a major Conflict has been fixed!
New skin Added

set up ingame as a 223 varmint Rifle, Comes pre silenced as the Gun in FNV does.
Has a 7rnd Mag capacity. also takes the common 3 rnd 223 mags too.

( First actual mod, so unsure how unbalanced it is )


Modeling By me, Texturing also by me,
Coding and modeling Advice By Pin2
moral support and guidance By 50shadesofMyCow

Workshop ID: 2898250249
Mod ID: AshRatslayer