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Author: NSKuber

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In Fusion, modders are able to create their own weapons without replacing existing ones.
There is a small issue though, if you want to actually use added weapons, you need to have a map which contains this weapon and ammo for it, because already existing maps will have same weapons placed by creator.

Not anymore!

This mod provides a set of scripts that allow you to change weapons in existing levels without modifying them, right in the game!

  1. First of all, subscribe to this mod and all mods marked as required for it (Weapon Resources Database, Network Script Resources);
  2. Run moddable version of the game. To do that, run Fusion through Steam games library and select "moddable" option;
  3. Go to "Extras->Workshop packages" and make sure that all mods (this one and required ones) are enabled there. If they aren’t, enable them; If they aren’t there, try restarting the game and/or resubbing to mods;
  4. Next, go to "Settings->Keyboard and Mouse->Configure keys". If all previous steps are performed correctly, you should find an "Open/Close CWM/RWS/Loot menu" command in there. Assign some key to this command;
  5. Start any level and press the key you assigned. If everything is subscribed and enabled, menu will open; If it doesn’t, check again that you did everything correctly;
  6. If the menu still doesn’t open (or any other issue occurs) close the game. Navigate to "/Steam/steamapps/common/Serious Sam Fusion 2017/Log/" folder. Open file "Sam2017_Unrestricted.log" with any text editor, copy all text from it and paste it onto Create the paste and post a link to it in the comments along with the description of the issue;
  7. If the menu opens, but when you click on a weapon in "Weapon List" it shows the message "Weapon X has been awarded" but you didn’t get the weapon, this means that some files, required for the weapon, are missing. Make sure that you are subscribed to all items required for that weapon and that they are all enabled, try resubbing to it. This is not an issue on CWM side, but rather on weapon creator’s or yours. Each weapon which is present in CWM has been tested, meaning it worked 100% at the time it was added to the database.

  • If you hold "Crouch" key in any submenu with weapons in it, you can see additional info, such as weapon stats, which weapons are registered in the world and how many weapons/ammo types are registered in the world;
  • To simply obtain a weapon with a full ammo for it, click on it in "Weapon List" submenu!
  • If you right-click on a configuration in "Load Config" submenu, the config will be added to already existing one, and not loaded over it.


As you may have noticed, you can switch between "Pile" and "Cycle" attaching modes in the main menu

  • "Pile" mode works as follows: if weapons X,Y,Z are attached to weapon A, then weapon items and ammo items of all X,Y and Z will be spawned on top of corresponding weapon/ammo items of A;
  • "Cycle" mode works a bit like replacement – if weapons X,Y,Z are attached to weapon A, then weapon items of all X,Y and Z will be spawned on top of corresponding weapon items of A, but ammo items of A,X,Y,Z will be cycled. So if, say, there are initially 4 ammo items of weapon A on the map, one will not be touched, while three others will be replaced with ammo items for weapons X,Y and Z. This mode should provide more balanced way to play when multiple attachments are involved.


– On Vive, press and hold left "Menu" (weapon selection) button and right Touchpad for about a second for the menu to appear. After that navigation is handled through usual "point and click". You can press/hold "Menu" button on either controller to re-center the menu. If you walk away from the menu, it will close automatically.
– On Rift, it’s Y on the left controller plus A on the right – press and hold.

Note: CWM modifies Fusion Collision table. The modded table is the same used in TSE Ultimate Pack by Solais.

List of supported weapons:

More information in the guide (a bit outdated, better refer to the instruction in the description):

Credits: Soulmyr – for almost all images used on menu buttons;

Required items:

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Weapon Resources DatabaseSteam Workshop
Network script resourcesSteam Workshop