Parachuting Start

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Authors: Panopticon, Dante271, Glytch3r

Last revision: 24 Mar, 2023 at 07:37 UTC

File size: 4.1 MB

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This mod gives you a parachute and animates it when you spawn. Not to be confused with "fort nights" or "royal battles", whatever those may be.

Outside Spawn Points & Insertions is recommended, but not strictly required, as it gives you the suitable spawn locations for using this mod.

Mod Details
  • You need to spawn outside with a new character, otherwise nothing will happen (specifically a character that has survived less than 0.1 hours)
  • After you land, the parachute will be automatically removed and you will be left with its container (works as a backpack)
  • You might spawn on top of zombies. The game isn’t tailored for spawning outside like this, so either be prepared to immediately defend yourself, use some form of spawn protection, or try respawning.
    • The mod will bug out if you are hit during the parachute animation and stop everything. I can’t really fix this, so don’t get hit.

The "Insurgent Overwrite" add-on modifies two files:

  • InsurgentMod.lua:
    • Removes Insurgent’s parachute from the player’s inventory
    • Moves parachuting sound into a new function that is triggered after the player lands
    • Includes miscellaneous code improvements (checks mods for compatibility, cleaner code)
  • InsurgentWeaponUtil.lua
    • Checks if the player is outside and then moves equip weapon actions into new functions that are triggered after the player lands
    • Does a clean overwrite (nothing else in the original file is touched)

Future Plans
  • 3 mod updates to do: adding a form of spawn protection or invisibility to solve the zombie spawn issue, not have the game freak out when the player auto-equips a gun to reload it while next to a zombie, and implementing a new parachute model we made!
  • I plan to make a goofy mod that adds parachutes as usable items in the game, based on this mod
  • I also plan to recreate this mod to fully feature parachuting (i.e. spawn in a plane, pretend to "jump" out of it, and land somewhere random) so that it is even MORE immersive.
  • Buckle up and look forward to it! It’s probably gonna take a long while, because making mods for this game is not fun.

  • Compatible with any mod that does not perform anything when you spawn
  • Compatible with Insurgent (Read the "Insurgent" section above in "Mod Details")
  • Not multiplayer compatible (my code doesn’t discern between players, so only the very first person gets to parachute land. I haven’t fixed the voodoo code for it yet, I apologize)
  • Partially save-game compatible (requires new character)



Contact Info

You can find me under @Panopticon in the Project Zomboid Discord server.[]


Arean – for the video showcase of the mod. Never had someone do this for me, so this is a first!
Mr Sunshine & Notloc – for the awesome Insurgent mod. It is literally game-changing and phenomenal.


Glytch3r – created the parachuting animation & initial idea.
Panopticon – created the mod logic & code.
Sapph – created the original parachute model.
Dante271 – created the updated parachute model.

Recommended Mods

Custom Starting Vehicle Trait – lets you also start the game with a vehicle.

Workshop ID: 2948659911
Mod ID: ParachutingStart
Mod ID: ParachutingStartInsurgent

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