Ship Modding Extensions

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Author: blacktea

Last revision: 17 Sep, 2023 at 17:02 UTC

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Unlocks all hidden turrets and modules for the main menu ship editor.

Adds various modding options to the debug mode ship spawn menu for making modded flotillas:
– "One hack" will restore default vanilla hacking setting (same as if you leave all hacking related checkboxes unchecked)
– "Disable hacking" will disable hacking dialogue on spawning ship, if you enter it on spawning, so you can use it’s bridge without changing it’s ownership to player faction.
– "Lock ownership" will lock all ships bridges from using by player.
– "Equip ship" checkbox will copy the items from player inventary to the spawning ship.
– "RNG loot" will fill up the spawning ship with 3-6 random Items from game loot table.
– "Outfit crew" checbox will copy the weapon, armor, shirt, aura item from player to all the crew members of spawning ship.
– "RNG outfits" checkbox will outfit all crewmembers of spawning ship with random weapon, armor, shirt.

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