Entropy : Zero Remastered

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Authors: Kud, ❤Insane Black Rock Shooter❤

Last revision: 3 Sep, 2022 at 07:35 UTC

File size: 2.11 GB

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Entropy : Zero Remastered (Unofficial)

How To Play: Subscribed the mod and open the game, check bonus map and you’re good to go.

● Recompile with higher quality lightmap
● Separate mode (Original experience and Hard mode) for players
● More enemies and supplys on hard mode
● EZ2 exclusive contents add into the hard mode
● Recommend difficulty On Original: Combine Elite
● Recommend difficulty On Hard Mode: Metrocop

Also the mod is in beta stage, you may occur some bugs that will manage to fix on the future Feel free to post comments below

Original Author: Breadman Remastered: Kud Enjoy!