All-Natural Hair Recolor Pack

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Author: hyperlynx

Last revision: 9 Jan, 2022 at 01:08 UTC

File size: 54.72 MB

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Adds more natural hair colors for the default idol hairs (about 405 total!)

The color palette I’ve been using to recolor has been color-picked from various default hairstyles (with some moderate tweaking). I wanted to give them some funky names, so here are:

  • Coffee (Similar to basegame dark brown, but without that purplish undertone.)
  • Auburn (I mean… it’s auburn? Like a dark ginger kind of. Very similar to the ginger used in-game.)
  • Hazel (Right smack dab in the middle of the light brown/dirty blonde/strawberry blonde trifecta. Very similar to the light brownish color used in-game)
  • Sandy (Golden blonde. Pretty similar to the golden blonde color used in-game.)
  • Jet (The base black used for most default hairs. This color is only used on hairs that aren’t already black.)

Almost every hairstyle in the game has been recolored using every color in this palette, given that they weren’t already close to or exactly one of said colors.