’49 Ford 8N Tractor

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Author: KI5

Last revision: 1 Mar at 18:19 UTC

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And now for something completely different, a small Ford! This little guy will not win any speed records or conquer the rough off-road terrain, it’s a fun little tractor that will help you around the farm. it can tow smaller trailers and it is not fast so it will not kill you and that is always nice. It has some front and rear armor and the zeds will munch on you while you sit on it so be careful!

Main features:

  • Front and rear bumper offer some protection
  • Fully animated hood, trunk, doors and windows
  • Visible interior and character (with improved exit/enter/aim animations)
  • All parts have 3d objects you can remove and place in the world
  • Extra parts to craft and find in the world to make the vehicle truly yours (bumpers, tires, seat, etc)

  • B41.78+ Single Player / Multiplayer Compatible
  • You can use it in your current save game, just enable the mod in the load menu
  • It can tow and be towed
  • Not recolorable

If you can’t wait to find this mod in your game and want to test it right away, use bikinitools to spawn it, hide the items that your character holds while in vehicle, or for all other good stuff that mod has, go get it!

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    This mod is commission work by request of DZ from the Project Apocalypse Community[discord.com]

  • Thanks to The Indie Stone for making this awesome game and all this possible.
  • Special thanks to bikinihorst for the huge help with code, optimization, and taking care of the multiplayer and part code.

Originally posted by KI5:

Ask for permission
This mod can only be added to and extended with the express permission from the original creator. If no permission is received you may not alter the mod, and it must be treated as a mod that is ‘On Lockdown’. You are not allowed to repack this mod under any circumstances, ever.

Vehicle IDs: 49ford8N

Workshop ID: 3171176891
Mod ID: 49ford8N

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