Star Wars Imperial Armor

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Author: Altvonso

Last revision: 17 Aug, 2017 at 13:11 UTC

File size: 959.82 MB

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This mod adds series of armour props from Battlefront (2015).

-First Order Stormtrooper (does not include female version atm.)
-Death trooper (with 4 diffrent variants for chest, more will be added later. Also doesnt include female version atm.)
-Classic Stormtrooper (with 3 additional skins Shock trooper, Sand trooper and Shadow trooper. These dont either have female versions as of now)

WOTC version here:

Upcoming armors:
-Shore trooper
-Scout trooper
-Magma trooper
-Captain Phasma
-Snow trooper

Bugs: First order arms doesnt work with warden armor.

Battlefront is owned by Dice / EA and all rights to the model is owned by them.
No copyright infringement intended.

-Texture work by Condensed TurtleFlesh
-Tested by this one dude who really likes Black Templars

Note: If the armor doesnt show up in character customization create a new character before complaining about it in the comments.